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A new lifestyle app for all things fishing

Nearly everyone has gone fishing at least once upon a time, some more than others. Whether you are an elitist, or leisure recreationalist, every experience on the water is bound by a common thread — memories made. Sometimes the catch establishes the memory, but time on the water spent with a friend, or family member, and the stories shared that day are of equivalent value. No matter the outcome of the fishing trip, there is always one thing you can count on — a photo to capture the moment.

Memories are stories often left untold, after all, not everyone is a story teller. A photo, however, has the power to tell a story in a way that invokes imagination and allows the viewer to relate deeply from their own experiences. We wanted to create a space where everyone can tell their story and anyone can imagine it through a visual perspective.

Fishmore is a free smartphone lifestyle app and web platform serving as a “community field guide” to all things fishing and is as simple to use as it is fun to explore. Fishmore stands out in a crowded field of apps themed around fishing. Developed with the latest image recognition AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fishmore quickly analyzes each photo being added, identifies unique attributes within the scene and helps the publisher channel their content to make it more discoverable.

When you open the Fishmore app, you get what you came for — without the fluff — and are amongst a community of anglers contributing to each of the many unique subject driven categories of information and photography from on the water. There are no private groups — no permission requirements. It is entirely up to you what you view, share, or add to; just like you have the right to explore navigable waters, it’s your right to explore the Fishmore app without fees to unlock information or feature sets.

Muskie Fishing | A Day on the Water ~ by Fishmore

Fishmore is constructed of these main categories for easy navigation and drill-down:

There are over 28,000 known extant species of fish swimming in waters around the globe; freshwater and saltwater. When you catch a fish, take a photo and share it on Fishmore under the designated species. If it doesn’t exist than it simply hasn’t been added yet, so be the first to begin a category of “catch” pictures of that species and others will contribute to the category you started.

Tell the story of your fishing trip through a photograph, feel free to add any additional information on your catch in the many available fields options suggested with your post.

Tackle Shops
At some point you will ask the question, “Are there any bait shops nearby?” On a recent musky fishing trip to Cave Run Lake near Morehead, Kentucky, we had forgotten a net. With more than 500 miles between where we were then and where we had come from, there was no turning back to retrieve the net left at home. A quick search for bait and tackle ships around Cave Run Lake showed a couple of immediate results, including a phone number to call and inquire about a net for sale, as well as the geotagged location on the map to help us find the shop.

By adding a bait and tackle shop you visit locally, or somewhere down the road as you travel, you may save the day for another angler who finds themselves in the same predicament we did on our trip to Cave Run Lake.

Fishing Events
Major tournament, public outings, seminars, sport shows, expos, and podcasts are all considered “Fishing Events” and there’s a place to promote them on Fishmore. Cover art promotional images can be uploaded within their applicable category beneath the Fishing Events “parent” category and populated with useful information concerning the event, including: date/time; admission/entry fee; contact information; location information; etc.

Limited time creates a challenge for fisherman looking to put a few fish in the boat. Fishing guides spend countless days on the water and learn it well, thus making a guide a great option to cut the learning curve in half and have a memorable day on the water. Using the Fishmore search function, look up area fishing guides for the location you have interest in fishing and view a selection of guide options for hire.

If you’re a fishing guide, Fishmore is a great platform for you to promote your services. Simply add an image to the “Guide” category and fill in pertinent information. Applicable fields include: name of guide service; area and lakes guided; rig; what to bring; what’s provided; guide fees; contact information; etc.

Lures and Terminal Tackle
Whether you’re largescale lure or tackle manufacturer, or a basement bait builder, add your line of products to the appropriate category so they’re easily looked up and viewed by the rest of the Fishmore community. Anyone can crosslink a catch they publish to the “Catches” category by using the “@” followed by the company name, or even the model or series name. By doing so, someone viewing a fish caught on a specific lure can quickly navigate to images of your lure the fish they were viewing was caught on. This applies to all lures and terminal tackle, including: nets; rods/reels; lure retrievers; pliers; hook sharpeners; hook cutters; tackle storage units; etc.

Fishing Apparel
Fishing apparel is often woven of performance material designed to keep you cool under the sun, protect you from ultraviolet rays, or keep you warm when the sun goes down and temperatures plummet. Search for, or scroll through, a wide selection of apparel items uploaded by the manufacturers, themselves. Apparel items currently existing on Fishmore include: hooded sweatshirts; t-shirts (short sleeve and long sleeve); performance dry-fit shirts; sun scarves; hats; pants; shorts; line cutter rings; etc.

How much progress that we made so far? We’ve launched an early beta version of Fishmore for iPhone on the App Store, and we are almost finished with the beta version for Android. For those who do not have an iPhone, you can publish from your desktop computer (Chrome/Safari browser recommended) at

Install Fishmore for iPhone:


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