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Creator and host of The Whitfield Report, and an all around good guy! Conservative Journalist and Radio Host, Political Thriller Author #WARadioShow #tcot

Why I started a Patreon Page

Look, I know that 2020 has been an insane year for everyone and money is tight right now so it probably seems crazy to a lot of you that I decided to start a paywall site in the middle of a global pandemic, but in all honesty, I see this as a golden opportunity to start my next evolution in podcasting. The podcast format is great and as many long time viewers/listeners of The Whitfield Report know, I’ve been hosting the podcast in one variation or another since I was only 13 years old. …

And Finding Good From Tragedy.

The 9/11 Memorial. Taken during my last trip to NYC in 2016.

9/11 was the first major historical event that I lived through. And even though I was only about 6 or 7 at the time there’s something about seeing the fireball from the twin towers that is still cemented into my brain.

It’s strange to me that today’s high school and college freshman weren’t even born yet and that it’s in history books now because somehow it doesn’t “feel like history” to me.

I’ve also been to NYC several times now and for the most part New Yorkers are extremely polite and friendly. I’ve been told by family and friends living…

A Shift From Politics To Pop Culture, Hip Hop, And A Conversation About Audio Production

In this episode of the podcast, I am joined in studio by my close personal friend Oryan Battis, a hip hop recording artist and Florida native.



Will Kanye’s Decision To Distance Himself From Politics Be A Negative Or A Positive For Conservative Activism?

In this Thursday addition of the podcast, I discuss Kanye West’s decision to distance himself from President Trump, the backlash that both he and Candace Owens have received, and the state of Millennial conservatives in general.

Candace Owen’s Statement on Kanye:

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Image Credit: InfoWars/Alex Jones.

Today It’s InfoWars, But Tomorrow It Could Be You

For the past week and a half, Alex Jones and his media outlet InfoWars have been at the center of what is arguably the number 1 trending story in Technology this year. Jones was banned from 4 major social media outlets and content distribution platforms including Facebook, Apple Podcasts, Google (and its affiliates), and Spotify’s podcast directory, all in less than a 24 hour period last week. As of the publication of this article, it appears that Jones’s personal Twitter account is no longer active or visible either.

Representatives from each of these tech companies have more or less given…

Podcast Show Notes And Links

Video Version

Audio Podcast:

Check out my episode “TWR 6/16/18 | President Trump Can’t Stop Winning” from The Whitfield Report on Anchor:

Show Notes:

This Episode’s Topics: Trump’s N. Korea summit, Ben Shapiro is #NeverTrump again, Kim Jong Un wants a McDonalds, Jonah Goldberg’s latest article proves National Review is no longer a viable conservative magazine.


NRO article:

Support the podcast:

Visit Sam’s Blog:

Understanding The Motivations Of Teenage Political Activists And How They Shape Political Movements. (Audio)

In this exclusive bonus episode for AUDIO podcast listeners, Sam explains his thoughts on the rise of David Hogg and other Parkland Shooting survivors as “political activists”. Sam also examines the subject of teenagers and political activism in general.

Sam’s 2015 article on the subject can be read here

Sam is joined by Ryan Marhoefer of Chapman University who has gained notoriety after he wrote an opinion piece for his college newspaper which triggered Leftists on Campus. Ryan shares his story with Sam, and they also discuss the political fall-out following Florida, Trump’s job as President thus far, and more.

Links: Ryan’s “Controversial” Op-Ed for The Chapman Panther Newspaper

Originally published at on February 25, 2018.

Written For Sam Whitfield Online

In Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence, authors Bill O’Reilly and Martin Duguard take readers back in time to explore The American Revolution through a present tense narrative showcasing the various political events, battles, and individuals that made The American Revolution one of the most monumental events in human history.

The books narrative writing style is such that events are seen through the eyes of both the American colonists, as well as The British Empire. This narrative style is unique and refreshing in my experience, as almost all the books/text books that I’ve read about the American Revolution…

Two Different Approaches To Problems In Our Food Economy.

Image Credit: Pixabay.

Prior to The 20th Century, the vast majority of Americans and Europeans lived in rural areas and were self sufficient farmers and harvesters who fed their own families and the local community. This changed drastically as The Industrial Revolution and Urbanization led more and more people to move to larger cities. The demand for mass quantities of food became an industry in of itself with farmers, suppliers, and grocery store chains all working together to feed billions of people in The United States and the rest of the civilized world on a daily basis.

The food economy evolved further with…

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