6. Finally, podcasts are free. F-R-E-E. There’s no $9.99 fee, no subscription service, no hidden subtext that forces you to sacrifice your first born child to the illuminati.
~Six Benefits of Listening To Podcasts
Carlos Sarceno

The Premium Podcast

Actually Carlos, There are a few podcasts out there that charge for a monthly subscription such as The Anthony Cumia Show, but these subscriptions usually cost less then Netflix and are worth the money. (Usually)


Many of the free podcasts that you may be listening to also have an option where you can pay around $3-$5 a month for bonus content. It’s not required to listen to the podcast itself but it’s a way of giving devoted fans a little extra.

I’m glad you’re enjoying podcasts so far!

P.S. I myself host a podcast called The Whitfield Analysis! Don’t worry, it’s free!

Happy listening!

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