I see better in the dark.

I’ve begun to notice a consistency in my life over the last year. I like to see light more at night than at day. That’s probably because of the deficit at night and surplus during the day, but I’ll skip that part in this post.

Let me preface a bit. Before I explain this I want to think out loud. Do we really live surrounded by light? Or are we actually surrounded by vast darkness and happen to currently be located in a place covered by either natural or man made light? We are in a very dark universe. We just happen to be on earth which is always illuminated. We’re pretty well off.

I think this really illustrates a key aspect that has defined my happiness this year. My happiness has never been dependent on a paycheck or another person, unless of course I let it. My happiness comes from perspective and seeing the light in my life. Looking for light, not darkness can always lift up somebody’s spirits!

So what am I getting at here? I take photos at night when there is almost zero visible light outside. I get a natural high off of it because it’s incredible!

What happens when I position the camera, click the shutter on my camera, and wait 10–30 seconds is magical. I get photos like this:

So how does this all relate? I’ll explain but first here is a question: How does light impact our lives? We need it to live.

You might not always see a whole lot of light in your life but I’ve got to tell you, it’s there! Just like when I take photos of stars at night I don’t see anything till the camera takes all of the light in. The principal applies greatly to other aspects of life as well like happiness. I am much happier when I soak in the light I have around me by focusing on what God has blessed me with. The small things make me happier because I focus not on their size, but that they’re consistently there for me.

Don’t forget to look up at night and realize there’s more light out there than has ever touched the face of this earth. Hope for things to be incredible because they can be just like stars.

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