~ Researching the Market! ~

Hello again, everyone - time for another update!

This post is all about market research! In it, I will be examining some websites of bands that could possibly be considered as “competition” to the Pod Bay Doors. (Fictional bands have to compete too, y’know ;))

I’ll briefly examine & summarise the websites, and accompany my writing with screenshots. (Obviously, the websites that appear in the screenshots, as well as the videos I’ll be linking to, all belong to their respective artists.)

Keeping things familiar, I’d like to revisit two of the bands I outlined in my previous “Summarising the Brief” entry, as well as add one new one:

  • The Dandy Warhols
  • Grouplove
  • and introducing new to the list, PJ Harvey!

With that out of the way, let’s get cracking!

The Dandy Warhols /

The Dandy Warhols were formed back in ’94 by frontman singer/guitarist Courtney Taylor Taylor and guitarist Peter Holmstrom. Taylor-Taylor still fronts the band to this day; Peter however has since left, replaced by Taylor-Taylor’s cousin, Brent DeBoer.

With 10 albums under their belts — 11 come May 2016, with Distortland set for release around this date — a string of hits including Bohemian Like You, We Used To Be Friends, and Godless (as long as personal favourite of mine, Horse Pills), the Dandies might just be a little too big to consider our Pod Bay Doors as competition. 
(Early days though, right? Once the website is done, I’m sure that will be an integral part of putting them on the map!)

When first accessing The Dandy Warhol’s website, visitors are greeted by an image of their upcoming album, with an option to enter the site below.

Once in, the homepage of The Dandy Warhols’ website is set out in a scrolling style, with a static horizontal navigation bar that accompanies visitors as they scroll down the page. Doing so reveals a wealth of information and links, from tour dates, to news feeds, to the band’s music:

All in all, I feel this style works quite well; I found that taking the time to scroll through the page actually made me quite immersed in the site. 
I’d say that’s effective design!

Grouplove /

Grouplove are a relatively new indie group, who released their first EP — titled “Grouplove” — in 2010. In the time since, the band has gained a dedicated following of fans behind them in the ‘States, thanks largely to the catchiness of their music (demonstrated pretty, for example, with their songs Ways to Go and Shark Attack) from their latest album, Spreading Rumors.

Grouplove’s website is cleanly presented, with clear navigation located at the left of the page and the contents of pages displayed in the middle.
When navigating to another page, the center of the site allows visitors to scroll downwards to view the full contents:

I find the somewhat minimalist design for Grouplove’s site to be a great direction, as the aesthetics come together to make for a smart, professionally-produced feel - something any web designer should aim for!

PJ Harvey /

A greatly talented singer/songwriter known to change up her image with each album she releases, PJ has an incredible 17 albums to her name, beginning with Dry in 1992 and most recently Let England Shake in 2011. She’ll make it 18 this year when The Hope Six Demolition Project releases in April.

PJ has a string of hits as long as her arm, counting the likes of Big Exit, Written on the Forehead, This Is Love, and Down by the Water amid her track list.

Similar to Grouplove, PJ Harvey’s website is actually quite a clean, uncluttered affair; currently showcasing her upcoming album, it does little to distract visitors from this, with no unnecessary images or text present — just a good use of space and contrasting colours that compliment her new album’s cover art. 
I find that the design of the site is one which sticks to the idea of only saying what it needs to say, which I find quite effective.

Continuing this theme, scrolling down reveals the rest of the site in it’s current incarnation, where it showcases upcoming tour locales, options to pre-order PJ’s new album, and a sneak peak of the album itself:

I very much find that less can be more, and I Feel that PJ Harvey’s website exemplifies this to a tee.

And that’s it! 
Clearly, if the Pod Bay Doors are to stand a chance in the online world, their website will need to be very much up to scratch. Hopefully I’m up to the task!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next post! :)

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