~ Summarising the Brief: The Pod Bay Doors ~

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to start this blog with the announcement that after a lengthy period of post-client-pack-reviewing deliberations, the website project I will be developing will be for the (fictional!) three-piece indie rock band, the Pod Bay Doors.

Without further ado, let’s delve into some in-depth analysis of the road ahead!

Client Requirements & Goals /

The design brief constructed by the band members themselves necessitates a need for a style of website which stands out from the crowd; something different than “your normal ‘logo across the top, menu down the side, content in the middle’ kinda site”.

Desirably, the site should also have interactive features, and must include photos of the band themselves, their contact details and information, as well as their “bios” as a requirement.

Some space set aside in which the band can showcase their music and list tour dates are also a must.

Target Audience /

After reviewing images captured during various live shows performed by the band, it’s clear to me that their audience is mainly made up of the teen/young adult age demographic; something that will be taken into consideration during the construction of the website.

It’s my intention that the finished product will (hopefully) reflect the fans of the band just as well as it reflects the band themselves.

Technical Requirements /

Although the site is still very much in a draft state, the plans I’ve made for it so far would not require a vast amount of technical knowledge to bring to life.

At some point down the road, this may change, but for now, a beginner-level knowledge of HTML would be enough for the actual construction; this is due to the fact that the planned site is set to revolve around images, music, and social media plugins for the band themselves, with the true test of abilities being more of an artistic nature, rather than a mechanical one (i.e., making the site as attractive and vibrant as possible, primarily through planning and execution).

With all that said, however, some advanced knowledge may be required for coding some interactive menus. As I am only a beginner in web, however, I’m not even sure what languages I’d need to use to achieve this at this stage , so evidently I also have a bit of research and learning ahead of me in that regard!

In a nutshell, I envision that the site will have more of a focus on aesthetics and layout, rather than cutting-edge mechanics and hi-tech features.

Market Research /

In preparation for constructing the site, I’ve carried out a bit of market research by way out browsing websites of bands that could be seen as “competition” to the Pod Bay Doors, including:

Needless to say, the bar is set quite high in the world of band websites!

A key inspiration for the direction I’d like to take the Pod Bay Doors website can be found in a design methodology known as the Hero Image (which can be found both exemplified and discussed here).
I quite like this format, as it holds the potential to grab a visitor’s attention quickly, which would gel well with the age demographic of the band’s target audiences.

Proposal /

So! Time to summarize my proposal for what I intend to achieve with the Pod Bay Doors website:

To make an interactive, aesthetically interesting and appealing website incorporating concepts & media such as interactive menus for tour dates and band crew biographies; links to social media feeds; and samples of the band’s songs.

With all that said and laid out before me, I’m feeling my anticipation starting to build for getting the project on the road!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next post! :)

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