Week 12

This week marks one of many coming social media integration update!

After this week’s lessons, I’ve been able to link in Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram into the Pod Bay Door’s website.

The best example for this would be a screenshot of the coming-along-nicely Media page:

I’ve inserted a Lucha Underground twitter feed to use as a dummy for the time being, until I create a Pod Bay Doors official twitter profile. (Good show. Watch it!) The Instagram feed is also from a photography feed from Instagram, as another placeholder.

Elsewhere, I’ve also managed to link Google Maps into the Touring page, in order to give fans a way to see where the band will be touring:

Another placeholder, as the Pod Bay Doors sadly won’t be playing live from the Bermuda Triangle.

Once I adjust the size, I’ll also be adding a street view of the venues they’ll be playing at, and possibly functionality to book tickets directly from the website itself.

Things are coming along nicely!

Thanks for checking in :)