Element vs. Corrosion Advances.Expansions.Additions.Results.

Element Warren has rapidly grown their evaluation capabilities toward the fight to control corrosion in their salt spray testing processes. With immense additions of a new corrosion chamber, capable of supporting the GMW3172 (section 9.4.8) salt spray test. The GMW3172 states this analysis is “a measure of the degradation of function resulting from a salty air environment with expectations of proper function of the component.” (p.59, General Specification Electrical Function) Element’s chamber recognizes the traditional concept of corrosion diagnostics making it an excellent form of anti-corrosion management. (Find out more about testing specifications in the link below)

Expanding beyond the GMW3172 specification requirements, Element has committed to setting up controlled parameters to maintain the salt spray solution at +20°C to +25°C applying an external chiller cooling loop, to keep the test properly conditioned, while the room temperature portion of the testing will continue to be conducted in a +23°C / 50%RH environment. These parameters were implemented based on requests from our OEM validation engineers, their feedback is taken to the highest consideration maintaining the expected level of solution temperature control.

This testing is being conducted 24 hours, 7 days a week in a 40 cubic feet space with 12 nozzles each to a direct test sample. The samples can be powered or unpowered, with a large port to support cabling. Immeasurable advancements have been made to stop corrosion, and additional data acquisition activities are now available upon request leading to onsite power supplies assisting to reduce setup shipping costs. Rusting and degradation are becoming the least of our worries as Element’s innovations continue to make great strides in salt spray testing!

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General Specification Electrical Function-GMW3172 section 9.4.8