Compound With Potential Against Warty Skin Growths Studied

Dr. Sam W. Lee is a longtime Massachusetts medical researcher with a focus on cancer treatment and cellular level immune responses. The research Dr. Sam W. Lee has undertaken on seborrheic keratoses (SKs) was featured in a 2016 article Topical Treatment On The Horizon For Common Warty Skin Growths.

A colleague of Dr. Lee described SKs as being warty brown skin lesions that are extremely common among people over 40. Increasing in frequency and size as aging progresses, they are not dangerous, but present aesthetic challenges and mimic other conditions that are dangerous. With a topical treatment sought after, there are currently no market-ready products demonstrated as bing effective in removing SKs.

The research undertaken was the first ever that specifically focused on SKs biology within a laboratory setting and identified those proteins that control abnormal growth. It was found that when SKs occurs, the enzyme Akt is activated. The compound A44 has an inhibiting effect on this and results in SK cells undergoing programmed cell death, or apoptosis. A44 is seen as having significant commercial potential, as it does not impact normal skin cells.

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