Daily Dose, December 6

#ClimateChange — Yesterday, former Vice President and 2007 Nobel Peace Price winner Al Gore (for his work on Climate Change) — met with the president-elect to discuss Climate Change.

“I had a lengthy and very productive meeting about the transition with the president-elect. It was a sincere search for areas of common ground. I found it an extremely interesting conversation and to be continued, and I’m just going to leave it at that,” said Gore via Bloomberg News. Read more about Al Gore’s meeting here.

And… Leonardo DiCaprio gifted Ivanka Trump his new documentary “Before the Flood” — true story! via @esquiremagazine #millenials.

10% of San Francisco was in line for #Hamilton Pre-Sale American Express Tickets yesterday- That’s more than 70K people, waiting in line (on-the-line) for tickets to a play. Seriously, the people in SF LOVE waiting in line.

#Electors- You can mass email the electoral voters via this #AskTheElectors tool. As of this morning 129,811 people (including me) have done this. Be warned, you may get some less than kind responses (I mean, could you IMAGINE getting 130K inbox messages? I’d be pretty irked too). Below are two emails I received in response. You can read about the emails flying back and forth between Sandstorm Scholar and everyday citizen here.

Yes Sam, you can hunt in California!
December 6 response to my email below

Mistrial in S. Carolina Shooting — The judge declared a mistrial for the police shooting of Walter Scott. Read more here. Judge Clifton B. Newman’s decision to halt the proceedings came three days after jurors signaled that they were within one vote of returning a guilty verdict against Mr. Slager.

Oakland #GhostShip Fire Victim Names Have Been released — @mercurynews will continue to update the list of names as they are released.

Former CEO of #Zenefits Trump Transition Team- The former CEO of Zenefits (a former #Unicorn startup company that has been plagued with scandal- learn about it in 60 seconds via #forbes since February) has allegedly been tapped to be join Peter Thiel (co-founder of Pay Pal and one of the few Silicon Valley supporters of Trump) on the new administrations transition team. He Read more here via Fortune.

The Trump Administration’s #Cabinet — The list of updated names here.

Image via Washington Post December 6
image via Washington Post December 6