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“…liberal triumph over logic and common sense.”

That is an odd conclusion you have drawn from this incident. Have you researched the political affiliation of the people at the USC Title IX Office? Which policy is involved in this case, and what makes it ‘liberal?’

Who is the “disgruntled fatty who was just jealous of the two being together and decided to take her revenge.”? You claim to know with 100% certainty.

Which “liberal agenda” are you referring to as “working out great for everyone except straight white mails. [sic]”?

Who are these people you contemptuously describe as “useless and weak,” and who “know they would never succeed in the real world?” Is it the USC Title IX officers, everyone who doesn’t share your narrow views, or approximately half of the US population?

If it is true that you don’t want your children to live in “a society where truth is an empty sound,” then you must start by facing your own, over-the-top hypocrisy, misdirected rage, and denial of the reality you have replaced with your own ignorant, hateful, and self satisfying assumptions and beliefs.

Your article is not truthful. Loaded with unsubstantiated biased ‘opinions’ it’s a bigoted spin on a story into a ‘liberal’ hate feast or bashing session; lashing out at a vaguely perceived imaginary enemy, rallying ‘like-minded’ haters to embolden yourselves as a group; maximizing your delusional sense of righteousness and entitlement, and snowballing the aggression and division of our time.