Module 5: You[ r]Tube Playlist — Malware 101 for Macs


Hi everyone! I thought I would share a Youtube playlist that I made on Malware for Beginners for Macs. I recently got a malware on my Macbook Pro and it was the worst experience in my life considering I was constantly trying to finish my assignments.

What happened? Everytime I went to my browser it would direct me to another webapage. When I exited this page- EVERYTHING closed with it… and one more thing- this webpage would pop up even when I wasn’t on my internet browser. It happened when I clicked on my programs such as Microsoft Word or AutoCAD which drove me insane. I would spend my time exiting and reopening programs and tabs rather than getting any work done.

Check out this playlist below and let me know if it’s helped you get rid of those pesky malwares or at least prevent it!

(Source: Sam Mok)

What’s in the playlist?

The playlist includes an introduction to Malware covering what it is and how it can be prevented. The most asked question will be answered: do macs get viruses? In addition different videos by different users will cover the same topic: how to remove Malware. Youtubers (a frequent user on YouTube, particularily those in the video or creating its content) have their own style when it comes to explaining and editing videos and it may or may not hinder on the viewer’s understanding. At the end there is a bonus video on how to make your Mac run faster!

  1. What is Malware
  2. How to Prevent Malware
  3. Do Macs Get Viruses?
  4. Antivirus vs Anti-malware as Fast As Possible
  5. How To Remove Adware and Malware From Your Mac
  6. Basic Mac Computer Maintenance, Cleaning, Removal of Malware, Spyware, Virus
  7. Installing Malwarebytes on a Mac
  8. How To: Remove Malware On Macs
  9. How To Make Your Mac Run Faster

Want to make a playlist on Youtube? Follow these instructions!

(Source: Sam Mok on Youtube)

Share your tips and tricks to avoiding malwares in the comments or send me a video that has helped you in the past! I’d love to hear different ways to protect my Macbook and privacy.

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