Module 8: Quizlet Studying Tool


Hello my fellow EID100 classmates! I have created a study tool on Quizlet to help us prepare for the upcoming EID100 final exam!

This quiz contains 10 terms and its definition with some examples to help you remember the concept/idea. Through Quizlet, you are able to test yourself through a couple of ways under “study” and “play”.


Flashcards: Allows you to see either the term or the definition, and you have to guess the other one.


Learn: You must physically type in the answer to the term or definition.


Spell: To type in the term or definition that you hear.


Test: You must physically type out the answer to the term or definition in the format of a test.


Match: Given all the terms and definitions, you must match them to their correct pairing!


Gravity: In a game format, you must type in the term or definition before the asteroids hit the ground!

Do you think you’re ready….? Click the link below:

NO CHEATING! Because if you do, the only person you’ll be cheating on is yourself. Please feel free to tag me in your tweets or comment your study tool link below as well!

YOU CAN DO IT! (source:

After you have finished the quiz, here are a few other studying tips to help you study!

  1. Review other terms and its definitions.
  2. How can you use these terms in a sentence or an example? Try thinking of the metaphors that were used in class.
  3. Do you fully understand the concepts discussed in class? For example: LEAN canvas… can you fill one on your own? If not… try it!
  4. Test yourself and your friends verbally. Hearing someone else’s right/wrong answers help you remember as it causes discussion.
  5. Find other study tools that your fellow #EID100 classmates have made!
  6. Review your notes! Highlight anything that you have any questions on and ask the next time you to go class! You can ask your classmates or the professor.

See you next week!

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