Forex trading has become one of the most popular ways of making money thus far. Whether you are a newbie with only $100-$300 dollars or an experienced investor, Forex has got many possibilities for you to reach your potential to the fullest.

Forex Exchange Currency Market (Forex)

The foreign exchange currency market — also called the Forex — is the largest financial market in the world. In fact, Forex outperforms all stock and equity markets worldwide by more than 1,000 times in its daily trading volume. All the available currencies are traded through this massive and highly-decentralized marketplace.

Forex Exchange Currency Market
Forex Exchange Currency Market

One of the first and foremost aspects of Forex trading is that managing an account will require a lot of concentration. The pressure can sometimes be overwhelming, meaning that the right mindset and clear goals will make the process much more enjoyable. The good news is that opening an account with a Forex broker is quite easy. …

Using applications (scripts), automated trading robots (expert advisers), and technical indicators to automate trading on the foreign exchange market is not only the right decision, but also a very useful addition to the functionality of the trading platform. In some cases, when dealing with currencies especially, it can be considered as a necessity, both among professionals and beginners. The level of success you will achieve by working with these forex robots and technical indicators depends on the quality of these programs. Especially important are accuracy and speed with which they work.

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It should be noted that most individually developed robots and indicators for Forex trading can bring significant losses to their users. After all, the developer, as well as the trader, need to understand the goals behind their use of such programs. Traders must test their programs for compliance with their goals and fine-tune them in order to achieve the most optimal results possible. Therefore, even though there are countless amounts of different forex robots and indicators of technical analysis today, all of them can essentially be divided into two simple categories: profitable and unprofitable. …

Risk management is one of the most important aspects of successful and profitable trading. Work on the foreign exchange market is characterized by the presence of certain risks, and by choosing not to comply with the basic risk management rules, the probability of unprofitable trading and burning through your deposit increases.

Risk management in forex is primarily based on money management, both in separate trade transactions and within the trading account of the trader as a whole. Many new traders focus all of their attention on technical market analysis and trading strategies, often overlooking the basic principles of risk management. Experienced traders understand that it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks in the foreign exchange market, which is why they set themselves the task of minimizing them as much as possible. …

According to many experts, the biggest potential threats to the growth of the world economy in 2019 will be the trade war between the USA and China, the growth of populism in the world, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, and the ever-changing state of oil prices. However, what people often forget about is mother nature, and how our treatment of it will cause major issues and conflicts in the upcoming years.

Trump’s Domestic and Foreign Policies

Speaking of the trade war in particular, you cannot deny the severe consequences the world economy may sustain if things will continue escalating downwards. At the G20 summit, held recently in Buenos Aires, the heads of the two states agreed on a temporary truce. According to the truce terms, starting January 1, 2019, Washington will not approve tariffs on Chinese imports in the amount of $200 billion. As a result, Beijing is expected to increase purchases of American goods several times. However, if this truce turns out to be temporary, and the US chooses to impose tariffs on all goods imported from China, then China’s GDP, according to Bloomberg estimates, will lose 1.5% …

In 1980, the United States GDP accounted for a third of the world’s GDP. China made up for a significantly smaller percentage — only 5%. Fast forward to today, and both nations account for a quarter of the world’s GDP. In terms of research and development spending, China is likewise steadily catching up to the United States and will likely soon surpass it. According to estimates, China’s GDP will surpass U.S.’s around 2029, when both countries will reach the $24 trillion mark. That is if the average annual growth rate remains mostly the same.

The economies of the U.S. and China are becoming increasingly intertwined, leading to the fact that their bilateral relationship is one of the key aspects that dictate global prospects and the general flow of economic relations. While there is no doubt that the status of the 20th century powerhouse belongs to the United States, China may very well be on the road to claim the title in the 21st century, and that makes it not only an economic, but a political issue for the U.S. …

Bitcoin has experienced quite the journey since its inception in Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 white paper. While it has certainly become a mainstream financial instrument, revolutionizing how we think about money, it continues to surprise us with its unstable behavior on the market. Now that there are thousands of altcoins in circulation on top of all things, significantly greater efforts are required to foresee the future of thousands of assets in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. Therefore, you need to take into account the multitude of factors underlying this future. The market is still expected to change several more times as it matures. All this makes cryptocurrencies significantly more volatile compared to other assets. However, make a few right choices and you will be swimming in cash before you know it. …

In conditions of economic instability, the possibility of making money on the foreign exchange market becomes more and more attractive.

Arguably the most accessible and attractive tool for novice traders is Forex trading.

For novice traders especially, it is vital to find a successful and legitimate broker right of the bat.

To avoid any critical mistakes during your decision-making process, you should possess an idea of ​​the requirements that your broker will meet in order to establish the best option. …

In today’s dynamic and innovative world, more and more people tend to look for healthier work-life balance and greater flexibility.

People prefer traveling, spending more time with their friends and families, and enjoying their hobbies instead of sitting in a dull office from 9 to 5.

Our goal at FXM Capital is to make it real for people who rely on us. At FXM Capital we combine the newest technological solutions and our extensive experience to help our clients earn money trading from anywhere, anytime, and via any device.

Innovation is one of the key aspects of our business. Our clients receive access to the industry-leading MT5 trading platform where they can trade 5 asset classes and enjoy flawless instant execution. …

Becoming a successful trader is a challenging task, and undercapitalization can make it even worse. Today, forex trading is accessible for individual investors, and majority of brokers require only $100-$300 to begin trading. Naturally, most newbies start with a small initial investment. The problem is that a small account is highly vulnerable to trading mistakes and unexpected losses, but not all beginners realize the risks.

Traders face strong psychological pressure when managing small accounts. In most cases, they can afford only a few losing trades before their account becomes untradeable, as it won’t cover its required margin. This pressure can cloud judgement and lead to impulsive decisions. It is also accountable for so called lottery mentality when traders are pushed to look for the big winner. …

Overtrading is an extremely dangerous trap that is very easy to fall into. It is a situation when a trader takes more trades than it is necessary to achieve consistent profitability and fulfil their trading strategy. Overtrading is a common mistake among beginners, but experienced traders are also at risk. It is important to remember that in forex, emphasis is always on quality over quantity.

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The Dangers of Overtrading

Overtrading can endanger your trading account in different ways. First, it is physically and emotionally exhausting. If you spend a lot of time staring at charts and jumping in and out of trades on a daily basis, you can soon get tired and burn out. Overtrading also impacts quality of your decisions. Instead of acting according to your trading plan, you get emotional and enter new trades out of greed, fear, or revenge. …


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