And why we all want to be around her.

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True authenticity is rare. It’s something that many — if not all — of us are working on, but in a world that so often pushes images of “perfection” on us, it can be hard to avoid self-doubt. Nowadays, especially for women, the urge to only reveal the best version of ourselves is often overpowering.

To become happy and comfortable in our own skin is a constant challenge, and true confidence is hard to find. But when you see it, it shines through and becomes irresistible.

A woman who is confident and genuine is also powerful — and it’s contagious.

We want to know her. …

Please stop telling me how I should feel.

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Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

Dear Men —

We all have our own individual challenges. Life can be tough for everyone.

Unfortunately, for some reason women still have the specific challenge of warding off unwanted attention, judgment, and pointed remarks from people who expect us to bend ourselves to their “humble” opinions.

And before you go #notallmen me, yes, I know. I really shouldn’t have to say that, but some of you get defensive right off the bat. So for the record, I am of course aware that some of you do your best not to be sexist and patronizing.

But, if you fall into one of the categories below, take a step back and examine your behavior. Whether you intend to be misogynistic or not, these are things women encounter extremely frequently. It’s not fun, it’s not helpful, and most of the time it ranges from insulting to downright threatening. …

Injustice, mental health, sex — some things need to be talked about, and the greatest power is in emotion.

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Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

Writing consumes me. Sometimes, I have so many thoughts and ideas that I feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust unless I get them all out onto a page. This is how I know it’s my passion — because it’s the only thing that truly makes the time fly by without me noticing.

If you’re here and you’re a writer, I’d be willing to bet you feel the same way about your craft.

Passion can be an all-consuming monster that will make you pour your heart out, but it can also make you feel alive in a way that nothing else can. …


Samantha Blake

Making a change through the power of words and human connection. I write about empowerment, society, relationships, & how to conquer life.

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