“Macey Estes” A Soulful Warrior

Macey Estes, an LA-based artist on the rise has gifted us with her latest release, “ What we’re here for.” In this upbeat Pop/R&B gem, she delivers with a sultry, husky voice filled with passion and desire to unapologetically express her vulnerability about heartbreak with her outspoken lyrics. In her catalogue she has singles, “Call it Fate,” “Crucify Me,” “Enemy,” “What we’re here for,” and “Wreck it all.” She is often compared to R&B artists like Kehlani, as she bends the rules of Pop & R&B. Her musical influences are artists, Jessie Reyez, Njomza, Alessia Cara, and H.E.R. As an artist she emodies honesty, attittude, and is not the type of artist to be slept on. When she makes music it is with a vengeance, and she will capture you with her essence and leave you feeling some type of way.

Macey Estes originally from Nashville, Tennessee started writing songs in Highschool. Her inspiration stemmed from having traveled to a lot of different places and discovered the value of experiencing so many different cultures. When she left Highschool, she realized that even though she found a stage whereever she lived, she was destined to move to Los Angeles. In 2013 while living in Greenwood, Indiana, at the tender age of 18 years old auditioned for the vocal competition show, “The Voice.” She impressed all the judges with her strong yet youthful voice and rapping skills but, unfortunately, was not chosen to go through to the next round and was told to come back next year. The judges saw potential in her and wanted her to build on her confidence to move forward with her vocal range and performance. Christina Aguilera one of her idols was quoted on the show saying, “ Macey has a really cool voice, but next time I am looking for a little bit less of a stage approach.” Macey didn’t let the criticism get her down and used it as fuel to help her learn and grow as a musician. It wasn’t until she went to college that she met like-minded friends that helped her find and transition into the authentic mindset of an artist. At college she experienced heartbreak and made mistakes which helped her find her voice in music. She earned a degree in audio engineering and is currently residing in Los Angeles, continuing to make her dreams of being an artist a reality. Macey Estes has continously been putting out new music.

Today, she released a music video for her next single, “Wreck it all.” In the video she is baring her soul and takes you on a journey. Macey and her team are excited to share an upcoming EP which touches on subjects of mental health, heartbreak, and self-worth. The Debut EP “Save Yourself” — ‘Everything Is You’ is out Friday, June 5th, 2020 on all platforms. Be sure connect with Macey on her socials to stay up to date about any sneak peaks!

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