The Schrodinger’s Cat of My Author-Entrepreneur Journey
Elizabeth Shassere

OK, now feeling the guilt at being one of the 12 readers who hasn’t got back to you yet. And ashamed to say I haven’t even started it — feeble excuse… I was finishing off another non-fiction book before getting stuck in.

Elizabeth, I’m always so in awe of your honesty and so grateful for you sharing your ups and downs with all of us so we know we’re not alone on this rollercoaster of emotions that is startups!

It’s amazing that something as simple as our parents always told us — “be patient” — would be so difficult even as an adult. But then we also inhabit a world where fast thinking and quick decision-making are revered (and often necessary!) for getting ahead. In this high-productivity world, it can also feel that waiting isn’t doing and that need to write and tick off elements on a task list can be so much more gratifying.

I definitely suffer with this myself, so thanks for reminding me to sit back and evaluate, and be patient before jumping ahead. It’s definitely very timely advice for me at the moment.

I am looking forward to reading your book (I will do it now!) and hoping to learn something I can adopt into my own leadership and management skills. Thanks again for being so open! You’re my hero :)