❤️ When God Plants Seeds in You ❤️

When you look back on your life, what were some of your major turning points? Sometimes, our darkest hours are the dawn of our brightest light. We gain strength and new understandings with each challenge we experience… and God uses these challenging situations to plant seeds for new spiritual growth.

When God plants seeds in us, He also motivates us to nourish and tend to those seeds like a gardener tends to her plants.

I was raised with the King James Bible, which is a beautiful and pure translation. However, it’s an old English style that modern readers may not understand.

I still have my four large print King James Bible box set that my parents gave me and the KJB (dictionary/study guide inside) as a gift from a church an old friend of mine belonged to. As a spiritual person, I believe that you do not have to be in church to call upon God and the angels for help. They are with you everywhere you go, not just in one place. Religion is something you are taught to follow without question and thus man-made while spirituality is not. Before I end here, these are my thoughs only so I hope no one gets upset as religion and spirituality tend to be touchy subjects.

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