A Big Letdown

Since I currently can’t get some sleep due to my leg, I might as well as spill the beans on events that took place Tuesday last week. After getting lost on the way to Dr. Liana Rosenthal’s office in Suite 250 (and in another building than what we orginally thought) I was taken back at 1:30 PM to get my vitals before seeing Dr. Rosenthal. In the middle of the two-and-a-half-hour exam, the neurologist gave my grandfather and I a major bit of hard-to-swallow news, news that for sure devestated me.
'I can’t do the Botox," she said. Tears came to my eyes at this. I couldn’t believe what I heard as the realization almost made me fall of the exam table.
I asked her why to which she explained she gave Botox to people in the face and neck, and wwas not certified to give it in large areas of the body (e.g. the leg). "What are you going to do?" I asked, "you’re the 10th doctor I have seen for two years."
Dr. Rosenthal referred me to a group of doctors who specialize in spasticity (yes I’m extremely spastic in my arms, neck, legs, and hands as a result of the CP) to see if they can help me. I’ll need to do two more MRIs on Thursday 8/4/16 at 1:00 PM at JohnsHopkins in White Marsh, an MRI of my brain and spine to to see where we’ll end up. 
My legs, as we speak, are twiching so to find a possible cause of RLS/PLM, I needed my iron rechecked. If I don’t have an iron defeciency, I will be put on medication to crontol movement of my legs. 
Other than that, Dr. Rosenthal is stumped like the other nine I went to see. My next appt. with her is 1/17/17. My question is, why would you need to wait six months before getting told you cannot get Botox? Communication, I’m afraid, is severly lacking at Johns Hopkins. - feeling disappointed

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