A New Lead?

To start off my morning, I saw my doctor today as I do on a monthly basis for my leg and have done for two years.
At the suggestion of my neurologist, I called the doctors who specialize in spasticity only to be told I needed a referral from Dr. Dlhosh to see them. I also got referred to a podiatrist, a foot doctor to find out why my feet are not only ice-cold at night and change color if not kept warm, but why my feet slip out of all the sandals I buy regardless of whether they have a back on not. For this reason, I can’t even wear flip flops. Is it due to the deformity, Cerebral Palsy, or both? I had to wear braces when I was little to give my feet support. The only shoes I have that give me the support I need are Velcro tennis shoes I have to order online each year from New Balance. 
But other than that, I’m finally back to my weight of 106 lbs. Good news, right? I’ll be sure to give everyone an update when I can.

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