A Side Effect of Shifting Energies?

Hey there,

I hope this post finds you well. The energies of the past few days have definitely been a bit intense, and tricky for many.

-Whether you've been feeling fatigued and rather worn out.

-Are having fear, past emotions or anxiety rising to the surface.

-Or you're just having weird and maybe even negative dreams.

Yes! These are side-effects of the shifting energy as we continue through the energetic corridor leading to the August 21 Eclipse...

This time band is largely about stepping into alignment with your authentic Divine being, embodying love, and aligning with Crystalline Consciousness.

A part of this is the preparation phase we're all experiencing now in each our own unique ways.

Letting go of layers of illusion, fears, thought patterns, past experiences and even toxins at the physical level are required to step into your full experience of the infinite light and Divine possibility available to you.

The good news is there is much support available to you!

Ask your angels and light team to support you in effortlessly releasing into the light and integrating the new levels of awareness you're opening to now.

Hold the field of love and remember that light and love are infinitely more powerful than any darkness or negativity.

And if you do seem to be caught up in a bit of a negative slump, energetic funk, or you feel you're dealing with attachments or negative entities...

Clear your energy!

There's a bit of a surge of people who are dealing with fear based attachments and negative entities now as these lower beings seem to be flailing in a last ditched attempt to gain control. (these attempts are of course futile)

But for this reason, spiritual cleansing is really important now.


Hold the field of love, shine your light, and know that all is well.

Incredible light, love and new levels of peace and bliss for us all are truly yet to be.

Keep shining.

With love and gratitude,


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