Another Round of Tests

Please think of me this afternoon as I undergo two MRIs at Johns Hopkins in White Marsh at 1:00 PM. I will be in the machine for a total of 2 hours or 120 minutes. I will be sedating myself with Soma, my sleeping pill which is 350mg, so it is some pretty strong med. Despite yawning, I am still up due to being nervous. Not because I haven’t had an MRI but because insurance does not like paying for this amount of MRIs. I had an MRI of my lower back and my leg but will have an MRI of my back and brain this afternoon. Let me ask this: Can you imagine how much money four MRIs cost? 
I have had a variety of tests done for my pain-in-the-butt leg. I have heard that chronic pain is very difficult to treat, and I couldn’t agree more for it is the truth. All these appointments and tests make me want to add all medical costs on a calculator. Wish me luck and I promise to give y’all an updates whenever I get back online.

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