* Eclipse Energy and Tips on What to Expect

How's the Energy been on your end ?

WOW this energy has been something else, it's filled with the theme of Transformative Change and lots of it.

Some big themes I've noticed are coming up:

• You may be feeling nostalgic
• You may be stuck in a "Wait I thought I was over this?" pattern
• Old cycles, wounds, obsessions, addictions, may be surfacing
• Emotions are rampant
• You feel called to go within 
• Right- brain activities are highlighted.

And so much more.

This energy is not fooling around, the intensity is growing due to the Eclipse window coming in on the 7/8th of August.

We’re also in Mercury Shadow (retrograde 12th) and in the background we also have Neptune Retrograde (ruler of dreams, illusions, deceptions) Then the Total Solar eclipse on the 21st. That’s a heavy way to go into August.

The Next few weeks will be a heavy Integration window.

The best advice I can give to the upcoming week is to Listen to your Body, surrender to change and honor the flow. The eclipse will be pushing us out of our comfort zone, embrace the change. Question the resistance as it comes up and also remember...

Let go or be dragged by the resistance.

Let go and Let it Flow.

Here's a mantra to help assist:

I Believe. I Trust. I Let Go.

See you on the Full Moon!

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