Finding and Fulfilling Your Passion

You’re Never too Old to Follow Your Passion:

Have you ever looked at your life and felt like it didn’t belong to you? Does it seem like you’re living a life that belongs to someone else entirely. If you’ve had such a moment, gentle reader, this article is certainly for you!

Why Be Common?

Life is full of many paths and many opportunities that begin with a simple idea or an easy change of direction. Sometimes those directions come at the insistence of well-meaning parents or friends at a time when we are young and/or very impressionable. Some advice is meant to place us on the path of least resistance so we fall in line and follow the “norm.” However, in most cases, those paths aren’t “normal,” they are just simply common. Instead, why not find your unique vision?

Your Childhood Dreams are Still Significant:

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you dream of being a doctor or a writer or an actor? Or maybe your dream was more complex. You may have wanted to be a dancer who wrote about ancient dances and tribal rituals. Perhaps you wanted to be a doctor who had a hobby of acting. Regardless of what you dreamed of doing as an adult, those passions are still alive and significant today.

Your Passions in Everyday Life:

While it might be unreasonable to consider going to medical school if you are 50 years old, there are many other similar or complementary ventures you can explore and experience at any age. It just requires the courage to remember those dreams, and the determination to find out how to fit those passions into your day-to-day life.

An Exploration Exercise:

First, we will begin with a simple exploration exercise. Find a lovely journal or small book that fits easily in your hands. Find some quiet time (even if it is only 15 minutes) and sketch out an idea of what a perfect day in your life would be if you had no boundaries or responsibilities. I realize that even the concept of 15 minutes of quiet time might seem like a daunting task, but you should make time for things that are truly important and discovering your passions should be a genuine priority!

Altering a Dream Doesn’t Dilute It:

Once you have played with your passion, allow yourself a moment before sleep to explore it a little more. Do you see yourself learning a new dance instead of being a prima ballerina? Do you see yourself as a volunteer firefighter instead of a full-time EMT? Alterations of a dream do not make the dream diluted. Rather, such changes make the dream functional. Even a piece of a passion, when experienced, can be enough to fuel so much more inspiration in your life! These are moments that turn on the light in the soul. These are lights that create the beauty that radiates from the eyes and the smile. This is the essence of your true self!

More Effort, More Passion:

As you continue with your journal, acknowledge the efforts you are making to find and fulfill your passion. Even if you simply spend some time at the library doing research or have a conversation with someone living that specific discipline, write it down! The more effort you make toward your desires, the more the Universe will bring more passion into your life.

You are Not a Mirror:

Live your life to the fullest capacity! To fall in line with another person’s views of what is “best” for you is to deny the power and vision within you. Each person has a specific road to take and it should never be experienced as a mirror of someone else. Your spirit is wanting to explore and experience life. Specifically, your life is the core of the quest.

If you are seeking your passion or if you want to find your purpose, give me a call and let’s explore the wonders and the possibilities together. The endless passion that is life is waiting to embrace you!

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