Friday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius

Endings come in big and small ways. All shapes and sizes. Carrying with them all kinds of consequences. Information for us to unpack. Confirmations about what we need next.

Some growth cycles are complete before we are ready to move on. Accepting the fact that something has played out its potential is key to letting ourselves grieve if there is grief, heal if there is healing to be done, and eventually move on with the lessons that we are left with.

How we approach each completion, how we arrive at each milestone, and how we handle each ending is a deeply personal endeavor. Unique to each situation. Unique to our constitution at that moment. Unique to the phase of life we find ourselves in. Each ending is an opportunity to meet difficulty with graciousness. Towards ourselves. Towards the situation. Towards those that we struggle with.

Friday’s full moon, known as the Rose, Flower or Strawberry Moon, occurs at 6:10 AM PT at 18° of Sagittarius and acts as a catalyst for such events. Sagittarius seeks the truth. It has an unquenchable thirst for great quests. It has an unrelenting buoyancy that helps it navigate even the most depressing endeavors. Sitting next to Saturn, this full moon has a more serious tone to it, however.

Full moons mark times of something having reached its peak, its climax, its full potential. Saturn represents a boundary, a limit, and an invitation to mature. Saturn has been in Sagittarius for the past 2 years, helping us develop the part of our chart that contains Sagittarius. For those with Sagittarius rising, this has meant a 2 year (at least) period of rigorous self-development. For those with their sun in Sagittarius, this has most likely meant cultivating self-discipline and tremendous patience with regards to your own growth and maturation process. For folks with their moon in Sagittarius this has most likely meant learning to cultivate an emotional maturity and boundaries over the past two years. If you don’t have any major planets or points in Sagittarius, look to see what house in your chart contains Sagittarius (and the meanings of that house) to better understand what this planet has demanded you take more responsibility for.

Since this will be the last full moon in Sagittarius with Saturn present for a few decades, this full moon reveals how well we have worked with Saturn over the past couple of years. Working well with Saturn means showing up for class early, taking all of our assignments seriously and turning in our homework ahead of time. Working well with Saturn isn’t always possible but if we do have done our best, we are rewarded with the honor of self-respect.

This full moon is ruled by Jupiter. On the same day as the full moon, Jupiter (currently in Libra) stations direct. Releasing bucketloads of optimism, the ruler of this full moon lies in stark contrast to Saturn’s steely gaze. But opportunity often comes out of situations that we struggle through and grapple with and consequences help motivate us to make an effort to better ourselves. If Sagittarius, and Jupiter for that matter, inspire us towards anything, it’s wisdom. If Saturn can teach us anything, it’s how to develop the patience required to cultivate it.

May this full moon help us to seek out the sources of wisdom that can sometimes come to us cloaked in consequences, endings or departures. May we trust that whatever occurs during the full moon is for the greater good of our lives. May we remind ourselves that growth doesn’t need to feel good to be good for us in the long run.

Full moon blessings,


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