How to Banish Negative Self-Talk

Your Inner Voice is Powerful:

You must listen to the inner voice that guides your choices if you want to be in control of your behavior. If you wander through life without taking account of its tone, words and messages, how can you be in charge? However, when you can clearly acknowledge the negative self-talk which convinces you that you are less than, or belittles you in any way, you can isolate the thought chain that must be broken. But how do you do that?

You Beat Yourself Up:

If you can stop yourself from beating yourself up mentally, the emotional roller coaster you’re on can be made steady and manageable. The negative patterns and destructive behaviors can be changed by tuning into the inner narrative you experience. If you hear yourself, you can change the script. You can replace the insults with forgiveness, perspective and solutions for the issues at hand. You can reject the voices which promote unhealthy solutions to the pain you feel, and replace them with statements that promote healing and upliftment. This gives you unlimited potential for happiness, regardless of your circumstance. That’s because your point of view and how you see the world directly creates the emotions and experiences you have.

Wasting Limited Energy:

If you find yourself critical or judgemental of self and others, doesn’t that use up the energy available for encouragement? In your modern life you have such a limited amount of time. However, joy, happiness and hope are vital for your success. You cannot afford to waste your thoughts and emotions on negative self-talk!

Choose Your Beliefs:

When you can begin to talk yourself out of bad habits and low vibrational thinking, you become stronger. Self-discipline is a requirement when you have an addiction to making yourself feel insignificant. In order to change, you must commit to the practice of inner support systems. They can lift you to greater emotional states. Rather than focusing on outdated feelings, concentrate on your strengths and the free will to choose your beliefs. When this becomes the consistent approach to your inner life, you’re able to feel unlimited and inspired to grow.

Take Bold Action:

When you are learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and expressing your ideas, being assertive and stepping into the spotlight can be scary. Your fear of humiliation and rejection tries to force you away from being seen or heard. However, if you are able to break from what’s holding you back, your life begins to change. By breathing deep into your resilience, and ability to overcome, you can trust yourself to take bold action. Even if you don’t receive exactly what you anticipated, the victory is breaking through the fear and anxiety around being your authentic self.

Stand Up for Yourself:

In relationships with yourself and others, you must realize when you are enabling your negative habits. By taking responsibility for the thoughts in your mind, you can also begin to address the conversations you have with others. It takes profound courage to discuss boundaries and disrespectful communication! Very often, even bringing these topics to light causes drama and disruption. Yet without addressing theses negative behaviors, wounds grow deeper and more difficult to resolve. You must get the courage to stand up for your personal integrity. By simply choosing to state what is in alignment with your values, and not sacrificing those truths for false security, you bring true love into your life.

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