Horoscopes for the week of July 31, 2016


This is sure to be one of your favorite weeks of the year, Leo! Two gorgeous trines on Monday bode extremely well for your love life, and for any trips you may be taking soon. You are sure to have a LOT of fun in the next few weeks. Especially since the new moon in your sign on Tuesday is so favorably aspected. This is an ideal time for you to write down a list of goals and intentions for the next year. But this weekends aspects are slightly more chaotic and you could find yourself at a frustrating cross-purposes with others. Try not to be too stubborn in getting your way.


You may feel torn in two different directions now, as though you know exactly what you need to do, but are struggling to make it a reality. Monday is a fabulous day when matters that have been confusing you will now become very clear. If you have a make a difficult decisions, it's better to pull of the bandaid and just do it. You will feel a big relief after the new moon in confident Leo on Tuesday. And with alluring Venus moving into your sign on Friday, you are full of magnetic charm until the 29th so don't be shy about working it. But there may be some drama with family members this weekend, so try to stay clear in your communication and be wary of hurt feelings.


This is a super social week for you, Libra, but you may not be on the same page with everyone. Monday could turn out to be one of your favorite days of the summer, when both your love life and your work relationships are shining brightly. Make a plan to meet up with a crush if you are still single- sparks will fly! The new moon in creative Leo on Tuesday could introduce you to a new friend group who you have shared interests with, so just be your friendly and charming self. But you may get some mixed messages from your new connections over the weekend. It's better to watch and listen now, and form fixed opinions later.


You are in a practical mood right now, and will benefit from focusing on your bottom line and financial realities. Monday is a five star day when you will gain some serious public recognition in your field and for a job well done. A long awaited promotion or raise could land on your desk. But you are likely to set your sights on an even loftier goal during Tuesday's new moon in confident Leo. With feminine Venus moving into caring Virgo on Friday, make sure you lean on your friends and do some girl bonding in the next few weeks. Mixed messages over the weekend will force you to confront an annoying work situation. Be patient and you will get to the bottom on this.


This is going to be one of your favorite weeks of the summer! All systems are GO on Monday when two glowing trines give you the confidence and reassurance that you have been waiting for that some major situations are going to work out favorably. Refine your vision and goals during Tuesday's new moon in confident Leo, when active Mars also enters your sign to bring you extra energy. Travel goes very smoothly right now so consider a quick getaway. After magnetic Venus moves into precise Virgo on Friday, your career is on fire so ask for what you want. But be prudent rather than over-confident this weekend. You have momentum, but slow and steady wins the race.


So much is falling into place behind the scenes right now, but you still need to exercise your famous patience. You will know something has shifted based on how you feel on Monday, so just follow your instincts and trust that everything will work out. Dig deep on Tuesday during the new moon in passionate Leo. Now is the time to break a bad habit or close the chapter on old emotional wound. Travel is in the air after loving Venus moves into your zone of exotic adventures on Friday. But there may be some technical and communications complications this weekend so double check all of your plans.


This is a fabulous week for you, Aquarius. Two glowing trines from your zone of relationships on Monday make this one of your best date nights of the year. Pay attention to anyone who catches you eye right now, since this could become an epic romance. If you are coupled up, Tuesday's new moon in Leo, is the ideal time to resolve an ongoing situation and turn over a new leaf. Feminine Venus moves into your zone of sex and intimacy on Friday and the next few weeks could be some of the steamiest of the year. A tiff with a friend over the weekend may cause some confusion and distress, but if you try to be clear about your feelings, things will resolve.


You have been trying to get all of your ducks in a row with work, and this is the week you will finally be crossing an important finish line. Monday is full of happy surprises that could catapult your career to a whole new level. If you have been feeling under the weather, re-commit yourself to your workouts during the new moon in Leo on Tuesday. Competitive Mars also moves into your zone of success on Tuesday, and between now and September 27th you will be on a roll. And romance kicks up also after Friday when the love planet, Venus, moves into your zone of relationships. But mixed messages will complicate things this weekend. Try to consider others perspectives as well as your own.


You are never happier than when you are on a mission, and this week may give you a whole new mission. Monday will be one of your favorite days of the summer when you may set out on an exciting voyage or trip. Tuesday is also a fabulous day for travel, especially with a lover, since a glowing new moon in passionate Leo sets the stage for a whole new chapter in your affair. Loving Venus moves into detail-oriented Virgo on Friday and will help you take care of one anthers needs in the most intimate way. But travel plans may go awry over the weekend, or communications could get confused, so try to be extra patient.


This may turn out to be a bit of an emotional week for you, Taurus. There are lots of positive vibes at the beginning of the week, with not one but two, glowing trines lighting up the sky on Monday. You may even want to give in to trying something new and kinky in your love life- give into your feelings and just go with it! Tuesday's new moon in proud Leo will help you turn over a fresh leaf with a family member who may have been getting under your skin. Your ruler, lusty Venus, moves into detail-oriented Virgo on Friday and will bring some sweetness (and spiciness) into your love life. But some tense aspects Saturday urge you to not take a disagreement this weekend too personally.


This is a big week for you, but could end up being something of a roller coaster. You will be very excited by some communications on Monday that bode well for your love life, or some crucial business relationships. This is a dream night for a date or to get out and meet new people. The new moon in Leo on Tuesday will bring you tons of innovative ideas and new connections so get out and network in the next two weeks. But situations are decidedly more delicate and complicated by the weekend. You could be prone to being emotional or over-reacting if you have a disagreement so slow your roll if someone gets under your skin.


You are focused on your career this week, Cancer. And things are going swimmingly on Monday, when two glowing trines create a five star work day. This is the perfect day to hit up your boss for a raise or suggest a bold new plan. You may get a resounding round of applause! This reinforces the sense of confidence and clarity you are feeling during Tuesday's new moon in Leo. But you may be prone to over-doing it now with the partying or indulging, so stay moderate in the next few weeks. Some conflicted aspects this weekend, will give you some doubts about your new plans, but the key to success is clear communication.

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