Worse than Before — Part I:

I really hate my leg right now as it is feeling like it’s on fire, no joke. I just want it to stop, and the weather and that time of the month (ladies, you know what I’m refering to) nearing, my severe pain has gone from a 10-20 on the pain scale, so the Botox, if it does not kick in, has failed to help me. 
While I was in Dr. Dlhosh’s office this morning, I started having an attack of intense pain that felt like I was being stabbed with hot knives, so when I got home, I took a sedative and could not help but fall asleep. 
We shall go with Option B: Phenol to see if it helps. I cannot help feeling that something is wrong. I thought I was in the clear but that isn’t the case, sadly. Dr. Dlhosh knows it because she has seen me more than once overcome by off-the-charts pain.

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