Your February Monthly Numerology Reading: Week 3

What does 3 mean this week?

The 3 is Queenly, with everything Queendom promises, and everything it threatens. The energies of a 3 week are generally generous, creative – she bestows gifts and favor, often just with her presence. Weeks influenced by 3 are marked by charm, graciousness, social ease, and charisma. There is sometimes a risk that there is something darker beneath the surface of that charm – manipulation, ego, vengefulness. A week that falls under Number 3 is likely to be a very positive and enjoyable one, but if it goes bad, it can go very bad, very fast.

With February also falling under 3, the 3 energies will be strong this week. Even if you are not someone who charms and manipulates – you might give it a try this week, perhaps to serve some higher purpose. It’s likely that everyone will be at their best (unless, as I noted is possible, they flip flop over to their absolute worst).

In many weeks, I advise you to look to flexibility and balance. This week, my advice to you is: skate on the surface of the good feelings and social opportunities all week. Enjoy the feeling of being even more attractive than usual, and particularly charming (“My goodness, you might think, “I could certainly do with more of these qualities in my life every week!”). Enjoy others’ charm and vivaciousness as well. But keep your intuition in play. If the conversation takes a turn, if an expression darkens, best to step back a bit, or slip away entirely, because the dark side of 3 may be about to make an appearance.

Like all the numbers, if 3 is evolved, it brings great gifts. The energies this week will be optimistic and creative. It would be a great week to brainstorm with your team, especially about something artistic like an ad campaign. Take the team out for lunch, or drinks after work – it’s also a great week to build relationships through casual social occasions. This is also a great week to make the most of your luck – what does luck look like to you? A winning ticket at the track? Being in a place to overhear something of use to you? Running into someone in the elevator who can advance your career? Be on the lookout for ways to let luck open up unexpected opportunities, because the 3 is a lucky number.

This is not the best week for a serious conversation with your partner in romance. The 3 doesn’t handle plans and long-term commitments well. Better to schedule a rather indulgent night out, and finish with time by the fire and giving each other compliments.

Guard your wallet – the 3 may try to stay upbeat with extravagant purchases.

What are the challenges for the week?

The challenge this week is to bring depth to your interactions, relationships and plans. It is so easy for 3 to charm the situation – you’ll think everything is gracious, smooth, fine. And it’s so much fun to be impulsive – to indulge – to let yourself be charmed by a wolf in designer clothing –

Look past the surface, no matter how pretty the surface is. If you tend to be gullible, watch out for anyone who seems too good to be true. Guard what you say when you are with others, especially if someone tries to draw you out on confidential subjects. Let the dynamic of “pretty on the surface / dangerous below” be your guide – be fun-loving, social, confident on the surface. While you keep your less impulsive self, and your intuition, at the ready, just in case.

What are some helpful affirmations for the week?
 • My creativity is blossoming, and I give it free rein.
 • I am honest in my dealings with others.
 • I build and sustain long-lasting relationships that are of value to me.
 • I easily set and maintain boundaries that are in keeping with my values.

What action plan can you follow to make the most of your week?

Set aside time to be social, if you’re so inclined – 3 energy does “social” really well! If you’ve never felt skilled at being a bit manipulative, now would be a good time to try that out (just for fun – not for anything important!). If you are regularly prone to be manipulative, try to hold back this week, as you might feel really tempted to over-manipulate people or situations.

Give your artistic side free rein, and let those creative juices flow, whether that’s around brainstorming a new project, or taking up painting. Resist spending money – 3 energy will convince you that you totally deserve it, and make you believe that new, expensive bauble will make you happy. It won’t …

The lucky day of the week:

Sunday – On the 19th, the day holds the Master Number 22. That number is like the energies of 4, to the nth degree. And you know – 4 and 3 don’t do that well together. But the Master Numbers (11 and 22) are proof that all the numbers have positive energy to bring, once they’ve evolved. The 22 has the focus of the 4, with the grace and gentility of the 2 – the active masculine, combined with the gentle but focused feminine. In any week, a Master Number is likely to be your best day. This week, 22 brings to the week’s energy of 3 the balancing of the numbers that flank 3 – the 2 and 4. The 2 invites the 3 energies to be less self-focused. The 4 brings a focus and structure that 3 lacks, and balances tradition with 3’s love of freedom. As the positive aspects of the numbers that make up a Master Number are what come through, on Sunday, you should see a unique balance of charm and charisma, with thoughtfulness of others, and focused drive for change.

The challenge day of the week:

Thursday – One appearance of the 1 in a year/month/week/day reading is generally enough. So on the 16th, combining the year’s 1 with the day’s 1, and with the 3 month and the 3 week, we have a lot of ego in play. People are likely to take everything in the worst possible way today – and it’s possible, too, that people will mean what they say in the worst possible way. Unless you are ready to compliment and reassure endlessly, best to work alone today, and best to take the evening for yourself. Don’t try to further your personal or professional relationships on Thursday, or it’s likely you’ll be mending that relationship later.

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