Dear Black People, You Don’t Need Non-Black Acceptance for Validation or to be GREAT

Missy Elliot on Cover of Elle. Solange Knowles on Cover of Teen Vogue
Missy Elliot is on the cover of “Elle”. Solange is on the cover of “Teen Vogue”. Idris Elba might get an Oscar for his latest movie. Beyoncé has won a total of 22 Grammys. Black actors and actresses becoming incensed because they didn’t win a gold statue of a naked faceless man. Dear Black people, your GREATNESS doesn’t need a stamp of approval from non-Black people!

Our ancestors built pyramids all over Africa and were the true “forefathers” and “foremothers” of human civilization. Before any race existed, the people of my race (the Black race) paved the way for every race after them to know how to live and survive.

The Black race are the true pioneers of math, science and technology. My ancestors are the World’s first writers, musicians and artists.

Below is a video of the author of “Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern”, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima:

And my race, the Black race, taught the World all that we know today, allowing humans to progress and achieve all that has been accomplished up to modern society.

Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern by Ivan Van Sertima

The Black race has a story that non-Black people don’t want to tell. I mean, they will tell our stories; yet, they will hire non-Black actors to portray us or argue that the Black individuals in those stories were anything but Black. Yet, when slaves are needed, suddenly non-Black can find all the Black people in the world to play those roles.

Click here for the list of 10 contributions that Africa has given to the World. This is a small list in comparison to all African and African diaspora’s inventions and contributions…but, we have to start somewhere.

People of the Black race do not receive credit for their creations, inventions, natural abilities and assets or contributions. We, Black people, must not wait for other to give us recognition that has been passed down to us from our ancestors through our blood and DNA. Our birthright does not need acknowledgement because it has been given to us from God for us to share with each other and subsequent Black generations.

We must take ownership of who we are and pass our stories on through oral and written tradition because many Black people today are walking around completely clueless as to who they really are. So, this means that Black people must make it our obligation to tell the truth about our past, present and future to our Black brothers and sisters, as well as, all the children who come after us. Other races tell their stories, even going so far as to steal our stories to make themselves look better.

Black people must come from behind the shadows, stop being modest and “too nice” when we state in our videos, essays, articles or social media posts that we are the Original race, the first race that has birthed many nations.

I understand, Black people, that you have fear because your ancestors have been beaten, raped and murdered each time that they rose up to the lighter races.

Yet, the truth must be told and the warrior spirit of our ancestors still live within us. If you take the time to learn who you are, you will learn that you have never walked alone because God is within you.

I write because I want to. People might not read it or acknowledge it. But, I know that someone is learning from my stories. Forever, I will be a writer. Writing is my talent, my purpose in life that God has chosen for me and my divine gift within me. I don’t need anyone to come along and tell me that I am a writer. I am a writer because I write.

As my awareness of White Supremacy (a manmade construct created to oppress Black peoples) grows, there are many things that irritate me about how Black and non-Black people move in this racist system that mainly benefits Whites and the 1%.

Don’t you get it, Black man, Black woman and Black child? The White supremacist system was never created for you. Due to this fact, you will never be able to live your truth and fully excel within the confines of the walls of White supremacy.

To read an article and learn more about White supremacy and why it is inherently wrong, click here.

You, Black man, woman and child, must carve out a piece of the world, make it yours and be wonderfully, magical Self. For so many of you, this will take courage and a gentle push forward. While the rest of us will jump in with both feet or dive in head first as we bravely follow our hearts just as our ancestors have done before us.

These days, I often find myself wondering why Black people aren’t creating their own movies, music, networks, magazines, communities, etc.? I mean the creation of these things and actually be the sole owner. Not the part owner, where the Black person owns 2% of the company or someone else owns you while you dance around like a puppet.

We have Black millionaires and even billionaires. And, still, I see Black people waiting on non-Black people to give them permission to be great. I find this ideology baffling and the pure definition of “mental enslavement”. No one is stopping Black people from doing what they truly want to do. White supremacists and their supporters might be stopping others from handing out opportunities to Black people due to their hatred and greed. Or concern for losing White acceptance might be stopping elitist Blacks and non-Black people from helping Black people succeed.

But, nothing is physically stopping many Black people from living their passion and dreams. Nothing is physically stopping Black people from helping and encouraging other Black people to live their dreams.

Currently, Mo’Nique (a Black comedian and actress) is in a dispute with some of Hollywood’s “top” Black elite. Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and self-proclaimed “sellout”, Lee Daniels.

Mo’Nique Slams Hollywood!

Lee Daniels stated in an interview with Don Lemon that Mo’Nique isn’t doing better in Hollywood after her Oscar win because she isn’t willing to “play ball”.

Mo’Nique retorted that Daniels, Winfrey and Perry had “no balls” and she had been “whiteballed”…not blackballed.

As a Black woman, I can completely understand what Mo’Nique is saying and why she is angry. But, now my question to Mo’Nique is, “When are you going to build your own movie studio and produce your own films?”

Let’s keep it real here. Mo’Nique is ultra talented and she has been in the game for a minute. What are these Black folks waiting on, especially the rich ones?

Permission from White people or non-Black people?

Because you’re never going to get it. You might have permission to do things in a whitewashed sort of way, but not the way you truly want to…like Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors. Nasheed’s Hidden Colors would never have seen the light of day if Black people didn’t make sure those stories were told.

African and African American Movie Documentaries 7am and Hidden Colors 1–4

Why would non-Black people support Hidden Colors when it will help shatter their never-ending lies, as well as, end Black ignorance? Black ignorance, also known as, “mental slavery” allows the non-Black people to continually oppress us. Our Black oppression throughout the world is necessary for non-Black people’s high level of wealth, success and power.

Africans and African diaspora are holding up the World by providing profits through our bodies, resources, labor and money.

Must we all wait on the same five people or one race to save our careers or give us opportunities?

This mindset of Black America is total crap. Black people must change their level of consciousness and realize that everything you believe now should be thought of in the complete opposite manner for the truth to be revealed.

The other day, someone mentioned during a Facebook discussion that Danny Glover wanted to produce a Haitian movie about the Haitian Revolution. The Haitian Revolution was one of our many Black revolutions that was actually successful. However, the bitter French are forcing Haiti to pay incredibly high taxes as a way of retaliation. France’s claim for the tax is because of their “loss of men and slave colony.”

They can’t be serious???!

And, get this, Haiti isn’t the only country paying what is called, “the independence tax”. There are 13 additional African countries also being forced to pay this crippling tax to France and this article from 2010 confirms that the French have no plans to pay reparations to the former French colonies they have extorted taxes from for many years.

France would literally collapse if all 14 African countries stopped paying their taxes to the French.
So, why in the h*ll are these 14 countries still paying it???

Why these 14 countries who won their independence many years ago, are agreeing to pay this tax, I do not know. Is it due to fear, tradition, lack of self-esteem? These are things we, as Black people, must research to allow us to improve our conditions in this lifetime.

14 African Countries Forced to Pay Taxes to France since 1961

I’m not sure why Haiti is agreeing to pay this tax when they already won the war against the French and their country is, currently, in shambles.

Those two facts alone would have me not a paying a dime.

Not to mention that France is their enemy…again, that Haiti defeated. Last time I checked, when I pay taxes to someone, I expect some type of benefit for those paid taxes.

Top 8 reasons the U.S. and the New World Order (NWO) is now at war with Syria.

Furthermore, what is the benefit of the 14 African countries that pay taxes to France? I highly doubt there is one or that the benefit is worth it.

In February of 2008, the U.S. House of Representatives had 66 co-sponsors who supported the Haiti Debt Cancellation Resolution. By January 2010, Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, forgave the remainder of Haiti’s debt which totaled $295 million.

May of 2010, the World Bank (rumored to have ties to White supremacists) waived the remainder of Haiti’s debt of $36 million.

Regardless of these “waivers”, I gather from this information that the Black race, at many times…has been funding our own oppression.

And despite these waivers or debt forgiveness, Black people are still very complicit in funding their own oppression to this day.

Haiti owed a total of $1 billion in debt to the IMF, World Bank IDA, InterAmerican Dev Bank, Int’l Fund Agriculture Dev, Taiwan and Venezuela. The World Bank and Venezuela have confirmed their debt cancellations of Haiti’s debt, specifically, after the earthquake devastated an already ravaged Haiti on January 2010.

New Agreement for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Check out One Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending all Haitian debts to other countries. For more information on Haiti’s Debt Cancellation Campaign, the website is

Danny Glover, eventually, received funding for his Haitian Revolution film in the amount of $18m from Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. However, Glover stated that he struggled to get the film produced in America because there weren’t enough “white heroes.”

Danny Glover and the Haitian Revolution movie

To this day, I’m not sure where Glover’s movie, “Toussaint” is. I never heard about it until yesterday when someone mentioned it under a Facebook post. I plan to search for it on YouTube. I would like to see it. So far, based on my brief research, it seems only a French version exists.

Haitian Revolution: The First Black Republic

One journalist has speculated that a U.S. version would, eventually, be created. However, the movie will go straight to DVD or VOD (video-on-demand or media stream).

To learn more about the leader of the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint Louverture, check out this documentary from PBS.

Tariq Nasheed (who is not an actor) can direct and produce not one but four movies titled “Hidden Colors”. The entire collection of Hidden Colors consists of four movies that have been broken down to tell the true history of the Black race from ancient times until now.

And, Tariq Nasheed also plans to direct and produce a movie about the Haitian Revolution. I don’t think Nasheed will need to follow the same requirements as Glover. And I can promise you that there will not be enough “white heroes” for mainstream, aka, White supremacists audience in Nasheed’s movie either.

As I said, Black people do not need White people to be great.

We didn’t need White people to validate us hundreds of thousands of years ago when we were doing great things before their existence. We don’t need non-Black races to validate anything we do today.

If you have a passion or a talent that God has given to you, no mortal can stop you from your purpose.

As the Guinea leader, Sekou Toure said,

“We prefer freedom in poverty to opulence in slavery.”

Let’s break these chains, follow our Black GREATNESS and Be FREE!

Keep scrolling down to relish in the Black Excellence that is us! Peace!

Samantha El is an activist, business owner, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Freelance Writer, CEO of LocStar Revolution, NoVA 24/7 Notary Services and Web Designers and Scribes. In her free time, you can find Samantha reading biographies, watching documentaries on Netflix or spending quality time with her family. Samantha lives in Fairfax, VA with her fiancé and 3 sons.