Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

Yesterday was begin of Women’s History Month. There were many things changed and grow stronger in Women’s community since. We got more freedom. But there is one thing that never change was women is just sex object to men in this society. They still think we want it even we don’t. I know all men is not like as that but unfortunately, it does happen too often. It is happened to me several times. I am survivor of sexual assault. It was not impact me much as others. …

A couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day. I decided I want to back to my memories by went through pictures in my Instagram account.

I saw this bittersweet description I wrote with a self-portrait.

Instagram Picture. Image Description: Sami was top of the mountain with some snow and with an epic view of the mountains behind her. Sami wore a pink hat with a light blue t-shirt and black leggings.

”This picture took in 2016 — I’ve admitted that I was a bit jealous to see many couples on social media posted of them together celebrate Valentine’s Day this morning but I realized — what can i do about it and make best out of it so I expressed my love to everyone who made me feel much loved — families, friends, pets and especially myself…


I hadn’t looking back. Adventures waiting for me. I left behind almost everything in my hometown and memories. A fresh start. Desire to fill my heart with a new memories. I know no anyone in the beautiful city next to the mountain and water. It is scared me but same time, it is thrilling. While on the road, I was wonder about everything I did and my memories left behind in East Coast. There are a lot of bad and good. I buried them as I started a new one. Felt like I left my old self there in…

‘Believe’ by Samantha Liddick

We have our own way of surviving in this world. I want to share mine. I have been through so much, both bad and good. Sometimes, I felt like give up and leave everything, but I’m still here. I created a dictionary for myself, a survival dictionary. There are a few words that helped me to hold on and remind myself in every morning when I have my coffee. Here the words:

Empathy — (noun) the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

My favorite word, I use this word often. This word captures the connection of understanding…

Every time I went through hell, I got strong and stronger. I have made many mistakes including horrible ones. I lost a couple of my best friends because I was not a ‘great’ friend to them.

Let me explain. I’m not perfect. On outside, you probably think I’m innocent or an angel but hey, no I am not. It is okay. I’m a better person today because of this. I have accepted my flaws, faults, and mistakes.

I moved to the small town in New York and went to a mainstream school with a deaf program in third grade. I…

Spelling letters, “ASL” in American Sign Language

When I was thirteen years old, my hearing parents asked me a big question. If I said yes, it’ll change my life. BUT I’m really happy I said no. Can you guess what the question was? My parents asked,

“Do you want Cochlear Implant?”

I said, NO in sign.

I was born in Cortland, New York. Two days later, my father came in the hospital room where my mom held me in a blanket. He said, “Do you want to move to Singapore?” BOOM, we were in Singapore for two years. My father worked there as a manager of materials…

Sometimes, I’d be jealous of other photographers because they have things that I can’t afford. I keep reminding myself that the best lenses, best quality cameras don’t matter. All that matters is using your creativity in photography with what you have in your bag. I believe it is talent.

I’ve been photographing for more than 10 years. Photography has been my passion since I was the kid and I started taking photographs when I was a teenager. One thing that sucks about photography is it is expensive. When I was a sophomore student at Gallaudet University, I worked so hard…

Samantha Liddick

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