How To Maintain Optimum Health With The DASH Diet

Getting to a balanced lifestyle is difficult today. Take for example the wave of Hypertension, Obesity, and Type II Diabetes. This is affecting millions of Americas. Lately, it has been shown that all 3 conditions may be linked and by dealing with Hypertension first, has a positive effect on the other two. Unfortunately, going with the doctor’s recommendations, by going on medications, this adds thousands of dollars each year to your family budget.

What if there was a way to take charge of your health and reverse Hypertension and the other two conditions as well?

That’s our topic for today. The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is doing just that for the many that use it on a daily basis. You are going to see just how simple it is to start it and the benefits of gaining optimum health using it.

Firstly, this is not a fad diet

The DASH Diet is endorsed by the government as well holistically minded doctors today. There is a plethora of medical evidence that supports its claims as well. By changing to a diet filled with vegetables, fruit, and low fat dairy products have dropped cholesterol counts significantly and reduced the blood pressure of the diet’s users. In addition, adding moderate exercise and dropping your sodium intake lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease as well. This combines to have a positive effect on your weight and lessens the chances of contracting Type II Diabetes. Out of 38 diets tested by U.S. News and World Report has continually listed the DASH Diet for 6 years running as the best for overall health. It is rated as the best diet for heart, lung, weight loss, Diabetes and many other conditions as well.

How do you gain all these benefits for yourself?

This is the beauty of the whole diet program. It is simple to do and easy to stay on. You don’t have to follow some complicated regime. Nor do you have to follow some fitness guru’s commandments. You choose the commitment level that helps you reach YOUR optimum health goals.

Final Thoughts

If you want your health back and get to the optimal level of energy and vitality? Then use the DASH Diet. Your BP will start to normalize. The pounds vanish like magic. You will also run less risk of CVD and Type II Diabetes. There is a lot of health here to be had with the DASH Diet and you should start getting your share now.

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