Automation and Data Analytics

Actually as in today as we see all around us we see and mostly hear automation growing at a crazy fast rate and so as we hear another word ‘data analytics which is very commonly misunderstood as being synonymous to the term automation many of you might be frightened by hearing either one or both of the terms so let’s break it down into simpler pieces

Data Encryption

Data Encryption is the process in which you Encrypt data on your device by password protection so that no one will be able to read your data in a malicious way and profit of your data.

Need For Data Encryption

Data Encryption is needed in order to protect yourself online or while Giving someone remote access to your Device to do some specific task and not profit of soothe manipulate or read your data in order to profit from it the point is just rust data is very precious thing.

According to An Data Security Expert What is the most valuable Resource an ordinary person owns and my most of us

Actually very frequently fail to realize just this:

Data is the most valuable,importantand insightful resource we own as we spend lost of either time or money in order to gain knowledge gain from our data and most people realize how important knowledge is and in order to gain, preserve knowledge data is utterly I think you might have realize how important it is to safeguard our data.

HOW TO Safeguard Data

1.Encrypt Your hard drive or phone or whatever device

2.use a reliable and safe network {Wifi}

3.use a VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) for safety and avoiding phising and increase data redundancy.