Our advancement in the field of Technology

Our lives have evolved in many ways in the past few decade but the greatest one in all of those was in the field of technology in the past we have gone through many new tends in. The macro field of called technology and the improvement have come in many ways like computer architecture the internet and now. In the field of internet we have advanced ourselves so much that now we are looking forward to making machines which can take decisions and surf the Internet and moreover can earn and spend money without human interaction and the architecture has changed so much as to the extent mentioned above but a few fundamental things are there which we have almost forgot like we started with arrays and algorithms specially sorting algorithms and we have had tremendous growth over and above them now the greatest one of them in my opinion and opinion of many others is Blockchain but I think we should try to make more efficient sorting algorithms which are. Fit in today’s world and the elements of algorithms are becoming more important to us and are lettting the native performance down and personally I think we should have more and better algorithmss.