Ultimate processor challenge AMD THREADRIPER Vs INTEL I9:

Actually it is like that both amd threadripper and Intel i9are sever grade processors and are only used either for image processing or intense gaming or sever scale bases and both these are not very much effective in day to day life it’s that Intel is a larger company and it manufacturers all its chips and processors in house whereas amd outsourced all its chips,processors but amd also makes video cards so it’s not only a rival to intl but also to nvidia and as per being an outsourcing company amd is able to offer better price to performance ratio ie amd offers you more power for cheap and single core benchmarks have proven time and time time again that at the same no of cores same configuration Intel chips perform better than amd chips but we should not ignore the fact that amd is cheaper as compared to Intel and so why I said Intel is a larger company because as they performed better so they are used in PC and desktop computer and amd is used under the hood in gaming devices and as far as threadripper vs i9 goes I don’t think anybody will used it as a PC so both Intel and amd offer similar performance at the same price and so I think it comes down to your personal preference.

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