Ux design and my point of view

A cording to me in some point point of time ux design was a thing considered as a inferior think by software based only on imagination it was the time when we had lower no of devices and even lower no of users in those a days a bad lagging kind of ux used to work used to be just fine but from that point in time many things have changed many rings have Rosen and fallen the average consumers needs and demands have changed dramatically over the years and it’s not their fault cause many things have changed decreasing popularity of Linux arms the rose of smartphones, tablets and hybrids and connect Ed intelligent devices so now as I fell like is for a project to be successful ux is being more important than the original design and functionality as I said earlier that the users consumers have changed earlier they were just a bunch of computer geeks but now it’s a widespread common man, so now I think in a project ux is of utmost value and rather than just imagination or design its more of a research based on some data you know like data Science do what I would like to infer is it’s not ux design it’s ux research on what your users might or might not like.

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