Follow SEO Strategy from Experts & Stop missing Relevant Traffic

Traffic is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you talk of SEO. And, if it is search traffic then the focus is bound to shift on Google as it covers 70% of search engine market share. Your SEO strategy has to be specific if you want to attract relevant traffic from this search engine. Use the below mentioned technique to attract traffic that can be converted too.

Do you know your target audience?

Defining the target audience is tough especially when your business offers a variety of products. Then your target customers belong to various segments and chasing them altogether may not be viable. To do it right, follow customer segmentation depending on their different needs. It will add a systematic approach to your SEO plan and help attracting right traffic to your website. You can start with less competitive segment to earn higher returns.

Are you targeting right keywords?

Logical keyword selection can be done only after you have identified your target audience precisely. The very next thing is to make a list of keywords that your prospective buyers will use while making a search. Don’t look at search volume of a keyword but pick those which can make sense to user. Google search has become more refined after last few updates especially the hummingbird that takes semantics into account while showing results for a certain keyword. So, you can expect to get ranked for keywords with similar meaning as well as long term phrases.

Choosing highly competitive keywords may delay your SEO return, so pick them later. Keep a focus on other terms that are relevant to users and represent their buying intent. The traffic received from such keywords has high possibilities of conversion. For instance, targeting ‘home interiors’ may bring a visitors that are looking for anything under interiors viz. designs, material, cost etc. but if you target “interior designer Houston’’ you may attract a potential buyer looking for this service in this particular city.

Do you offer the content that users want to read?

Creating content that users want to read & find useful is important for your search engine rankings. Provide needful information through your content. It should give answers to their query instead of sounding too promotional or irrelevant. You can produce blog posts that talk about various areas of products/services related to your business.
You can try to create insight through your content but avoid using desperate advertising. Add value to content by offering comparison, sharing news related to your industry & keep updating your target users with latest happenings. This will:

  • Introduce you as an expert & help in Brand building.
  • Give boost to your search engine ratings (As Google likes fresh, unique & value added content).
  • Bring in more traffic.
  • Create natural backlinks through public sharing.

These are the most common strategies that white hat SEO companies suggest for doing SEO as per Google guidelines. More important techniques are employed by experts to increase online presence of a website.

If you are finding it tough to attract convertible traffic, talk to our team for Pre SEO analysis. You will get a website report based on professional evaluation which will help you know the errors in your SEO plan.

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