How Small Businesses with good Online Reputation generate more Income?

Online reputation of small businesses is the biggest source of revenue these days. The reviews, user-ratings and recommendations help small businesses get new customers and boost sales eventually. People searching for local restaurants, saloons, bakeries, real estate, travel agents get easily influenced by what other people say. They search for everything online and tend to trust what comes across.

Good Reputation stands for Better Revenue

The sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor act like search engines where users search for a product/service providers. The reviews they read on these platforms not only help customers search but also make up their mind to buy. Hence the role of a good/bad review is undeniable.

According to a recent research of Harvard Business School:

  • An addition of one-star to company’s rating increased sales upto 9%.
  • The buying decision of 80% shoppers is influenced by others’ reviews.

Big brands usually have plenty of presence among online as well as offline users, so their reviews do not impact much until something is blown out of proportion. Moreover to reach wider audience, they cannot rely on just online marketing. On the contrary small businesses have great threat from negative reviews that are posted on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Local businesses work on building good online reputation along with search engine presence and get to see constant increase in their regular business.

They get more business from:

  • Positive reviews of existing users/customers
  • Recommendations of past clients.
  • Images, posts shared by satisfied customers on their social profiles.
  • Reviews posted in local directories like Yelp.

Promoting the good feedbacks or any user generated content that favors your public image can be helpful in getting more business. Other benefits of working on building good online reputation are following:

  • Attract potential customers
  • Build brand identity
  • Increase traffic to you site from all sources
  • Boost sales & revenue

Follow these tips to ensure higher sales, if you own a small business:

  • Build an impressive public image online so that negative reviews prove ineffective.
  • Promote your local & social profiles to ensure they always rank higher in top Google searches.
  • Keep your business active in social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Constantly monitor all media channels that can bring traffic or negative mentions.

Local users are quite active on web, especially for buying things from nearby places. So, a small trade owner cannot ignore what people read or write about him/her online. Be proactive, and build good reputation to earn big bucks, to target local audience.

For more suggestions on boosting small business revenue, you can consult digital marketing experts.