Breaking Down the 6 Barriers to Travel.

How Tomorrow’s Travels Are Made Possible Today!

Samella Watson
5 min readMay 4, 2024

You see the buzz on social media — everyone’s planning trips and gearing up for their hot global summer. But while scrolling through these posts, tension builds within you. Outwardly, you are smiling, liking the post, and maybe even sharing it, but inside, you start feeling clammy and antsy. Ever wonder what that feeling stems from?

Let me tell you, you’re not alone in experiencing that anticipatory, anxious feeling of Vacation FOMO.

Hearing everyone planning their summer travels can be tough, especially when your bank account gives you that stern look like: “Don’t even think about booking that flight — we can’t afford it.” It’s a familiar struggle, especially with the affordability crisis staring us dead in the eyes, and the economic uncertainties & job security can make you feel like you are chained down by those fun-sucking adult obligations that typically stop you from hitting the ‘Book Now’ button.

However, I began to realize that I wasn’t the only one whose lack of travel commitment stemmed not from a lack of desire, but because it seemed nearly impossible to pull off with all my current responsibilities. So, I decided it was time to tackle these barriers head-on.

They say “The first step to overcoming a problem is acknowledging it exists,” right?

Join me as we delve into the six distressing yet extremely relatable reasons you and I are anxiously watching from the sidelines while everyone else packs their bags. Let’s uncover these obstacles and find out how we can finally join in on the fun of a truly liberating global adventure.

Let’s Dive into the 6 Barriers:

#1 Affordability

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like travel is a luxury reserved only for the wealthy? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a parent, or a gig worker, every dollar you earn typically goes right back into sustaining your current lifestyle. Scraping together extra funds for travel can seem like a herculean task. That sinking feeling of being priced out of your own dreams of paradise — it stings, doesn’t it?

And when vacation time comes around, the pain of watching others head off to exotic locales while you count pennies can be downright soul-crushing.

#2 Work/Bandwidth

Does your job eat up all your time, leaving you daydreaming of escapes instead of experiencing them? It’s like pumping yourself up daily to jump on the treadmill — constantly showing up but never seeing the results realized. The frustration of working hard without enjoying the fruits of your labor in the form of travel can feel like running a race with no finish line in sight. BLCK’s unique bleisure options can weave travel into your work life, ensuring you can chase sunsets abroad without missing a beat at work.

#3 Life’s Responsibilities

Isn’t life’s constant demands exhausting? Juggling work, family duties, and other obligations often leaves little room for the escapades we dream about. It feels like being anchored to daily routines without a reprieve in sight. The relentless tug of ‘adulting’ can make the liberating thrill of travel seem like a forbidden fruit, always just out of reach. But what if you could integrate travel into your life without upheaval? BLCK helps streamline travel arrangements that fit within your existing commitments, turning the dream of exploration into a manageable, regular part of your life.

#4 Nervousness (Fear of the Unknown)

Does the thought of stepping into the unknown make your heart race? You’re not alone. The anxiety of dealing with new environments, languages, and cultures can be paralyzing. Every ‘what if’ that haunts your thoughts at night becomes a ‘what’s next’ by day, transforming dread into anticipation. However, BLCK offers a safety net through pre-vetted accommodations and a supportive community that travels with you — virtually. We turn fear into excitement.

#5 No Travel Companion

Watching friends, couples, groups, and families embark on travel adventures together can be uplifting — until you realize that unfortunately, that’s not your reality. It’s not that you lack friends, but finding travel companions who match your style and budget can be challenging. You end up feeling like a solo act in a world where everyone else seems to have found their perfect duet. But with BLCK, solo doesn’t mean solitary. Our community is where solo travelers find their tribe, turning solo jaunts into shared adventures.

#6 Destination Uncertainty

Choosing a destination can sometimes feel like throwing a dart on a map blindfolded. With so much information and so many options, uncertainty can stall even the most eager traveler. Paralysis by analysis is real, and it can leave you watching travel shows on your couch instead of living them out in real life. BLCK simplifies this by offering curated experiences based on your preferences and past travel patterns, reducing the guesswork and enhancing your travel satisfaction.

In Closing

Now that we’ve explored the six barriers that may be keeping you from the world, it’s clear that the journey to overcoming them isn’t as daunting as it seems. BLCK is your partner in this journey, breaking down each barrier with practical, innovative solutions that make travel accessible and enjoyable. By joining our community, you’re not just planning trips; you’re enhancing your lifestyle and embracing a world of possibilities. Interested in delving deeper?

Dive into our e-book, which provides ‘5 Tips to Travel More Bleisurely While Spending Less Quarterly,’ designed as your next step toward smarter, more sustainable travel. Don’t let another summer pass you by watching others. Become a part of BLCK, and start crafting your own extraordinary travel stories today. Download Our E-Book Now!

Together, let’s make your travel dreams an achievable reality. Embrace the adventure of tomorrow, today!



Samella Watson

Founder of BLCK, Innovator, Cultural Catalyst