A Guide for (Design) Interns

Best practices for new hires at Fulcrum Creatives

Sami Nummi
May 9, 2016 · 2 min read

Delete nothing. Ever.

To better serve the client, we need to explore the ins and outs of their business and culture. The early stages of design discovery is paramount. The good, bad and the ugly. Duplicate docs, do not save over work. Conserving server space is not an issue.

Direct contact to client.

Or rather indirect. Absolutely all creative must go through either directors. Text, images, social media graphics, print mock ups… no matter how small, the director must be shown the work first. In the case of client communication via email, director will be CCed.

Ask questions.

We will look terribly busy, but we’d rather you ask dumb questions than do the work incorrectly and then redo. That’ll make us angrier.

Be happy, patient, and grateful.

We’re not working the jobs our great, great grandparents had in the coal mine — working on timestamps and emphysema. This cushy job is nothing to complain about. We are lucky to have found something we enjoy that earns money, hurrah!

Lots of thumbnails. Lots of thought.

As Ron Swanson said, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” Whether you’re fresh out of school or several years deep in the freelance game we need to see your thought process, show how you reached your concepts and conclusions. The half-baked ideas and all sorts of crap that went through your mind. We are problem solvers. Not trend chasers and decorators.

There will be pain.

Once I graduated design school, I thought they had prepared me for all that’s out there. Not the case. Some situations will be unpleasant. People will be jerks. Logic does not ring true with everyone. High school never ends. Know it’s temporary, there’s a team behind you, and we are all in this together. Do remember we always have beer around.

You have a choice.

Positivity goes further than you could imagine. Life shits on us all. We are all very busy and tired. Announcing negativity into the office is like a stagnant, toxic fart. It spreads and sits, it distracts and brings everyone down. Work may suffer. For the most part, you have a choice on how you feel about your days ahead and we can help.

Sami is creative director at Fulcrum Creatives. When she isn’t slaying design and copy at work, you can find her enjoying British television and dressing her cat, (Lieutenant Ellen) Ripley in embarrassing costumes.

Sami Nummi

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“When you’ve got moxie, you need the clothes to match.”

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