DeFi Kingdoms Expansion to Avalanche — $Crystal Airdrops and Gen0 Raffles Leading Up to Expansion

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  1. The January 1, 2022 Crystalvale Airdrop Announcements [SNAPSHOTS NOW COMPLETE AS OF JAN. 30, 2022 BUT AIRDROP DATE TBD];
  2. The January 22, 2022 Crystalvale Airdrop Announcements [SNAPSHOTS ONGOING UNTIL Feb. 14]; and
  3. The January 28, 2022 Crystalvale Gen0 Airdrop Announcement [SNAPSHOTS ONGOING UNTIL Feb. 14].


The Announcements:

Important Facts

  • As mentioned on the prior AMA’s and my prior article on how the DeFi Kingdoms expansion to Avalanche is good news for everyone, the airdrops will be only a small portion of the Crystal distribution, with the vast majority being distributed via Crystalvale gardens (similar to Serendale’s distribution of Jewel). This will take place first via single sided staking in what the Dev’s have referred to as a “seed phase” followed by tradition two token LP pools.
  • Crystal will have 1/4 the supply of Jewel. Jewel has a total supply of 500M, so Crystal will have 125M.
  • The announced airdrop here accounts for roughly 1.6% of the total fully diluted Crystal supply (see tables above).
  • To put this into perspective — it would have taken 5 epochs (5 weeks) for Serendale (Harmony) to have emitted 1.6% of Jewel’s total supply in unlocked Jewel.
  • This airdrop is sizeable enough that it will be comparable to the emissions for the first few Epochs of the Crystalvale staking, so its more than just a nominal amount.

January 1 — January 24, 2022 Snapshots:

1. Crystal Airdrop and Gen0 Raffle for xJEWEL Holders

  • This one is a double whammy — you can get Crystal and then also have a chance at a Gen0 raffle.
  • The Crystal airdrop will just be pro rata based on your % of the bank, meaning that you will get diluted and receive less and less as more and more people join the bank via xJewel, but the amount of xJewel used for your pro rata percentage will be based on an average 3 week holding.
  • The Gen0 Raffle will be available for all wallets, big and small, with a threshold of only 100x Jewel. Like the land and amulet snapshots, this is a snapshot over several weeks, so you’ll want to have as much xJewel as you can during the entire time during the first 3 weeks of January. Remember that you need to stake on an average amount of the entire period, so you don’t want to just load your xJewel balance at the end of the period, you want as much as you can as early as you can in your wallet if this is your preferred approach.
  • This 100xJewel threshold is much lower than the prior Gen0 snapshot.
  • Before you start liquidating all your gardens to move into the bank, keep in mind that the allocation of Crystal for bank and garden stakers is relatively small compared to how much will likely be emitted once single sided staking and LP pair staking opens later in the year. You’ll want to do some math on what makes most sense, for example, you might be better off just farming away in the gardens and stacking more and more Jewel in anticipation of bridging it over for the Crystalvale single sided staking.

2. Crystal Airdrop for Hero Owners

3. Gen0 Raffle for Hero Summoners

4. Airdrops for Bridged JEWEL holders on Avalanche

5. Airdrops for JEWEL LP holders in the Serendale Gardens

January 24— February 14, 2022 Snapshots:

1. Secret Snapshots for xJewel Holders

2. JEWEL/CRYSTAL and Gen 0 Airdrops for xJEWEL Holders

3. JEWEL/CRYSTAL and Gen 0 Airdrops for Hero Levelers

4. JEWEL/CRYSTAL Jackpot for Hero Summoners




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