SourceTree 101

SourceTree was built to make it easier for developers to be approachable to Git especially those who are new to it. It is available for Windows as well as for Mac users. First of all we go to and there we can go to the version we need as required by us either for mac or for Windows. Then we go to and create an account. After that we go to SourceTree and login to your GitHub account. Here you can add/be added to the group of list of contributors of a repository for a project. We can then view various features available in the account which can be used by us easily as this is the simplified way to interact with Git Repository.

SourceTree is magic is truly magical. This is because of the reason that here we use the client instead of command line which makes it easier for the developers to work with their codebase.

SourceTree is an easy-to- use interface for Git and a powerful Git Client.

It can be used to get your team up and running using common Git Commands, can manage all your Git repositories(through a single client), put Git commands like — commit, push, pull and merge with just one-click. There are other advanced features as well for example rebase, patch handling, etc. It also connects us to our repository in Bitbucket, GitHub, etc.It also keeps track of coding and providesbasic view of projects, repositories as well as change sets.

Hence, it makes our work much easier and allows us to concentrate more on coding.

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