Cultivating a Successful Sales Team Full of Millennials

One of the core things that’s enabled us here at Sungrade, to produce $20 Million in revenue is... TRAINING.

Our sales force consists of young studs that are in process of being young effective executives.

Unlike the traditional jobs and corporate companies, we don’t look to stop that growth but instead, be a part of it.

Unfortunately, college students are either graduating or dropping out without any valuable skill sets.

The best thing that a millennial can do is learn and eventually, master a VALUABLE skill set. Hence the all cap VALUABLE.

Sales is one the top 3.

Sales Training

After a few of my buddies dropped out of college (I’m one of them) or graduated, we realized we didn’t have any real VALUABLE skill-sets.

Finding ourselves in sales positions we realized that we were in the position to have full control of our income and lifestyle. As Millennials, that’s what we crave… freedom and mobility.

The only thing we were missing was the “know-how” to excel at our craft.

One thing we take serious here at Sungrade to ensure our sales team is equipped with the knowledge and training to succeed.

We have every single representative, team leader, manager and executive on Grant Cardone University.

Millennials have the hunger, drive and ambition but they’re just missing the right skill-set and the proper training to do so.

Wish you a great Friday,

Samir Chibane