Why I Love Money & You Should Too (Secret to attracting wealth)

I came to America when I was 9 years old from Algeria. A very conservative and religious 3rd world country in North Africa that doesn’t have much going on… like all 3rd world countries.

Growing up my family tried to instill some very bad ideas, concepts and beliefs about money.

I’m getting a haircut at the moment so I wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts on MONEY and why you should learn to love it just like I do.

You Attract What You Think About Most

Just like how negative thinking can hold you back from success… negative thinking towards money can keep you BROKE forever.

The culture towards money in my household is similar to most households.

If your parents and family is anything like mine, they tell you things like “be grateful for what you have, stop being greedy” or “money is the root of all evil” .

Statements like that, repeated over and over at home start to shape your belief system towards money.

“If you tell yourself a lie enough times, you’ll start to actually believe it”

Concepts and ideas like that start to make you think that maybe having a lot of money is actually a bad thing…

So you start to subconsciously repel money… literally.

When ever a good opportunity comes, you turn a cold shoulder and continue working the job you hate wishing it could all be better.

Instead, you want to LOVE money and be a money makin’ magnet.

Learn How To Love Money With Affirmations

The way that I work on my love for money is by constantly thinking, looking and talking about how great it is.

Constantly tell yourself affirmations like:

“I love money and money loves me”
“Money comes to me in infinite ways, in great quantities, non-stop”

I say affirmations like these over and over again while staring myself in the mirror, showering and driving. (The secret is to actually say it like you mean it… with emotion and passion)

You might think talking to yourself like that is a little nuts… and you’re right, it is! But what millionaire or billionaire isn’t considered a little nuts 🤔.

The truth is simple, you just have to re-brainwash yourself to learn to love money and have no negative thoughts towards it!

Be Ruthless,

Samir Chibane

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