5 Harsh Truths Every Dreamer Must Accept

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Countless people dream of being a successful writer, comedian, developer, entrepreneur, etc., but very few are willing to put in the work to become those things. Instead, the majority of people simply appease themselves with the idea and the fantasy of becoming those things. By putting in just a little work here and there, people can convince themselves that it’s going to pay off eventually and that their dreams might come true. The problem is, it probably won’t. Real success requires real effort and there are certain harsh truths you have to accept as a serious dreamer.

1: Everything is work, so work for the right things.

Why are we afraid of hard work? Obviously, it’s the physical and mental strain that we’re afraid of. Here’s the thing. Self-doubting and procrastinating are two of the most physically and mentally straining things there are. That’s what a lot of people fail to realize. You’re going to struggle no matter what you choose. If you’re chasing a dream, you will struggle to make it real. If you’re a couch potato with no work ethic, you will struggle with that internal admission. Either way, it’s work. Now, if you’re working regardless, why not work for the right things?

2: Being too vicarious will kill your dreams.

Unfortunately, watching T.V. shows and random YouTube videos won’t write your book or build your business. If you’re serious about your dreams, you’ll separate work time from play time. Most dreamers can’t, though. They will indulge in grandiose fantasies about doing this or that, but won’t dare to carve out enough time to actually do it. Instead, they’ll play video games, share memes on Facebook, watch vlogs of other people living the lives they wish they could live, etc. Nothing’s wrong with that, but if that’s all you’re doing, you can’t seriously expect to accomplish anything. Make no mistake, being too vicarious will kill your dreams.

3: You have to expose yourself.

A lot of dreamers actually put in the work but are afraid to let it see the light of day. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. In fact, I still get little jolts of fear before submitting an article. Sometimes people are very receptive and compliment your work and other times, they’ll tear you to pieces with harsh criticism and outright rejection. It’s a rough cycle, but everyone experiences it, even the best of us. You can’t be afraid of exposing yourself to public scrutiny, though. Don’t take the criticism or rejection too personally, because it’s simply a part of the process and not a personal jab at you.

4: It’s okay to cut off parasitic people.

People are afraid of cutting off non-mutual relationships because it can often seem sudden and confrontational. You shouldn’t feel that way, though. You have the right to pursue your dreams, so don’t let anyone who threatens that stand in your way. If a group of people or a specific person is making it seem practically impossible to focus on your dreams, then don’t be afraid to cut them out of your life. It might seem cold, but it’s really not. There’s absolutely nothing wrong or selfish about living your own life and taking your dreams seriously.

5: You have to stop the petty mind games.

People everywhere have jobs they hate, but they show up anyway. However, when it comes to working toward accomplishing our dreams, we spare all the leniency in the world. In fact, it can even become a petty mind game about psyching ourselves up enough just to work. It shouldn’t be a deep-rooted internal struggle, though. Working toward your dreams shouldn’t feel any different than working on anything else, but it often does. People wrap their ego around their dreams and it becomes more about the internal strife than the actual work. If that’s you, you’ve got to confront it and stop the petty mind games.