A brief history of Zenon

A long time ago, in a metaverse far, far away …


  • in 2018, apes discover bitcoin forum post announcing a new project
  • project X-stakes; apes send 1 Bitcoin in exchange for 5000 Zenon
  • as long as they run their node, their 1 BTC is returned in full over 2 years
  • website is very slick, BTC is returned; apes suspect Zenon has deep pockets
  • team is anon; there can be no true decentralisation with public figures
  • marketing only via word of mouth, avoids whales centralising it
  • no pre-sale/VCs; this was a fair launch for the sake of decentralisation

Human Ingenuity is a Marvel of the Universe

Technological Innovation

  • Zenon publishes a draft whitepaper outlining the concepts for their tech
  • it examines the pitfalls of traditional blockchains, DAGs and block-lattices
  • suggests a new type of architecture to overcome these limitations
  • proposes a 2-ledger system called the Network of Momentum
  • generic DAG for consensus + block-lattice for storing transactional data
  • uses PoW + PoS
  • unique solution to the blockchain quadrilemma (fees are a problem too!)
  • feeless transactions via PoW or “fuse” QSR for “plasma”
  • code will soon be entirely open-source to empower global contributors

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Testing, Testing; 1, 2, 3

  • Zenon private testnet launches Feb 2021
  • Zenon public testnet launches Mar 2021
  • Zenon public incentivised testnet from Jun 2021
  • participants earn PP later redeemable for QSR (touch my PP)
  • Zenon listens and responds to feedback; team strives for perfection

A Huge Promise Made

  • Zenon will be interoperable with native bitcoin
  • the Network of Momentum is fee-less and fast/scalable
  • the Syrius wallet will be non-custodial and open-source
  • the legendary Bitcoin whitepaper dreams a dream still to be fully realised

A Message to Humans

Bitcoin’s Taproot Upgrade

  • taproot goes live 14/11/2021
  • gives Bitcoin better privacy, scalability and smart contract functionality
  • Zenon prioritises defi with BTC; smart contracts are on their way
  • based fans eagerly anticipate block 709 632
  • uber-based ASCII coding art present on said block (resembles Zenon logo)

The FUD Bomb

The BSC Hack

The Big Bang

Unizen tournament

  • round 1: Zenon BEATS Ethereum (ETH was disqualified for botting)
  • in Dec 2021, Zenon wins the Unizen tournament of alts 2.0
  • Unizen and ZenX labs are supporting inception of a project built on Zenon
  • Zenon is announced as one of four cryptos for the supernode program
  • Unizen’s supernode program runs validator nodes and provides liquidity
  • customised pair ZNN/ZCX is on its way

What’s Next?

To Be Continued …




I’m an NPC

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I’m an NPC

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