I have been thinking about our responsibility for the VR Industry

After lots of late night thinking I posted this to LinkedIn:

I want to be someone that can help lead an industry down the right path. Not one that sees’s money and power at its worth or the end goal. That does not fulfil my passion at all.

I keep asking myself ‘does passion for something not drive anyone anymore?’

I have had this dreaded feeling in the back of my head for a while now, that we need to make sure that we are leading the way with new, innovative technology or whatever you like to call it. I feel a huge amount of responsibility, as someone growing and working in this industry to make sure that I am a part of a positive movement.

Yes, of course, we all know this and must be thinking — Sammy what is your point?

As leaders or influencers dedicated to talking about the medium are we sharing the best insight to the future ‘influencers’ of this industry.

We have the biggest responsibility to lead the way. There are two things that we should think about and, if I am honest, it’s what I have built my company on.

Don’t promise things you can’t do. I have had to jump in at the last minute and fix problems for a variety of companies over the past couple of years. Companies provided with an experience for VR but they then don’t know how to use it. Have no platform to play it on, or even kit to show people.

Be honest! There are so many companies popping up creating content for a variety of sectors, but not all the content is great. Yes — sometimes it’s easier to say ‘Oh yeah I love the experience’ when you really don’t. Maybe it is a British thing, we are not always easy to critic but I think if we want the industry to grow we must be able to be critical and be honest.

How can we expect an industry to grow, if we are telling people their content is great when it is not? Yes nobody likes criticism but we have to at least help each other out.

I am my own worst critic — but it is needed sometimes. A lot of companies are naïve to new technology and it’s very easy for anyone to go into a company and show shiny toys that make noises and look good. But are you selling them a solution or just a gimmick that you want to make money off?

I am in the industry because I am passionate. I love the technology, the amazing opportunities that it is offering so many people and the way I experience the world. I am not in it for a quick buck — those that are.. it makes me incredibly sad. If a company invest money, time and energy into a project with a company or person who does not know what they are doing or know enough, this can, in the end, be damaging.

Now, of course, everyone must start somewhere, as a community we are still all learning. We are all waking up to new headsets, software, companies, opinions, and ideas. So can we really call ourselves experts at this stage? What do you think?

Help me work towards a positive drive of this technology, let your passion shine through, because the reason I work in this industry was being inspired by others. Not because they were sharing how much money they were making or hope to be making but because they opened my mind to an incredible technology, and this has led me to fall in love with it over and over again.