Do you know me?

It’s a long night ahead,
And here I am,
Tucked in and protected, 
Surrounded by love.
Yet, I’m a hair breadth away from disintegrating, 
From exploding,
Into teeny- tiny fragments. 
Each fragment reflects a part of me.
Or does it really?
How can it contain all that I feel?
All that I am?
I’m a wisp of contradictory thoughts,
Tethered to the ground by gravity.
I’m a simmering fire,
Bidding its time to burn.
I’m in every warm trickle of water,
That my eyes can’t imprison.
I’m in every breath of air that infuses me with life,
Yet manages to sweep away a little part of me every time. 
I’m all that and even more.
I’m no one and nothing too.
I’m a living paradox, 
I’m just me,
I’ll just be…

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