‘Placid Upheaval’

Here I stand,

Surrounded by a cloud of chaos,

While you bask away,

In the light of peace.

My fingers weave in and out of the vapors,

Twirling the strand of sanity,

In between them.

Isn’t it funny?

I have finally become,

What I have always craved to be:

Aloof but vulnerable;

Clearly existing,

Yet invisible.

I’m now an open book,

With an unsolved enigma.


Watch me struggle,

See me dance.

Feed me the elixir of your lies,

Vomit out the truth,

In the trash can.

Snatch away my comfort,

Then, cradle me in your arms.

I’m special,

Aren’t I?

Inhale my existence,

As I wrap your warmth around me.

Force the gag of your love,

Over my mouth.

Feel me suffocate,

And spill out the leftovers.

Sting my eyes,

With your words.

Then, taste the saltiness of my tears,

With your callused fingers.

Knot my unruly hair,

In the storm of your honest deceit.

Make it stop,

Don’t let it go!

Just hold on, tightly,

As I venture out,

To leave.

Pull me back,

From the deadly attack.

Just for once,

Beg me to live.

Renounce everything,

And just give, give and give.