How to become a morning person

Is there any HOW?

Do you sometimes wake up and see something like this?

I shot this picture in front of my door with my phone after leaving the house in the morning.

I kind of like it. And actually, I kind of get addicted to it. And this is just the first thought about why you should kick your a** out of bed at around 5 am. But there’s more than a beautiful sunrise.

Here are some very pragmatic thoughts about why I get up early:

  1. It doesn’t feel worse than if you get up later. If you go to bed early. I couldn’t believe it myself but after a few days getting used to it I realized, that the first five minutes are the worst. Overcoming them you will actually feel pretty well, no matter at which time you get up. Give yourself a boost with some fresh pressed lemons in water (maybe with some mint) and you will feel amazing. But to get this right, you need to go to bed early. Maybe less than an hour after sunset (taking August for this one, December doesn’t count 😉).
  2. I don’t like talking in the morning. And I mean it that way. I really don’t like to talk to anyone the first hour after waking up. And for this it really doesn’t matter if it’s 5 or 9 am. I’m just tired and my brain is so unbelievably slow, that I make everybody mad (sorry, mum 🙈).
  3. You can train your creativity. I couldn’t believe it myself. But check out this great article by David Kadavy Just give it a try. It is amazing, what our brain can do, when you’re not fully awake. I’m still working on that…
  4. I get a lot done. Without stressing out. Because almost nobody disturbs me when I start your day early. Everyone is tired and waits for the caffeine to kick in but I’ve already passed that point. You could be the one standing behind someone else and freak him out because he hasn’t noticed you. Or the one scheduling tasks for your day and answering emails just before other ones turned on their computers. And all of it without being stressed out. And this is my most beloved part of starting the day early. You’re not in a hurry, you feel confident and organized, so you can prepare for almost everything. And no one will come in your way.
  5. You can develop a new habit. It is pretty easy to tell yourself in the evening, that you’re to tired, you’ve got better things to do or this great new movie just hit the Netflix charts. But if you got up early, you’ve plenty of time to spare. Learn a new language. Go for a run. Write this letter to a good old friend. Read. Meditate. Do what makes you happy, before you start your regularly scheduled day. Research has shown that the average time of very successful people that is spent before they start their work day is about three hours. Just think about that.

So, these were some of my personal reasons to get up early. And there are a lot more, check out this great article by Andrew Merle: (

You might guess, that I can not say how to become a morning person. But I gave you a few reasons why to become one. You just have to start.

What do you think, will you give it a try? 👏🏼

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